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Dr. Pillai weighs in on the need to set an intention in order to successfully manifest your goals.


“There are a lot of philosophical ramifications that go along with intention, but what I want to say: intentions, whether it is human or divine, do manifest.

Intentions do manifest, in fact the whole world is the manifestation of the Intention of God. A human being is a mini God, because God created man in his own image. He is a co-creator with God.

Without intention you cannot manifest at all.

You will de-manifest everything in your life, if you don’t have any intention, so it’s important to have intentions, goals. But the problem is there is a time lag between the intention and its manifestation. It is not a new thing. It is not a New Age teaching. The Yogis and Siddhas have followed this principle in their life, and there is a great amount of techniques and literature on how intentions become material manifestations.

For instance your intentions won’t manifest quick, but if you have a Guru to manifest for you, he will do it in a relatively short period of time because he has a ‘step-up transformer’ within himself.

There is also another device that is practiced in India even today. You can go and hire somebody to hold your intention, and he will go and use a specific way of holding your intention, saying it mentally or in a meditation or even out a loud 1,008 times a day for 45 days. That intention manifestation is an accepted practice there.

Or you can appeal to a god or an angel because they live in a different time dimension and they can manifest easy for you. There are devices, like using certain geometrical figures (yantras) can carry your intention too. These are some of the devices.

Your ancestors, your forefathers who are dead and who are in another dimension, your grandfather or great-grandfather, or grandmother or great-grandmother, they can help you in the manifestation of intention as well.

The key issue is intentions do manifest, but you have to find the devices to accelerate the process of manifestation by dealing with time in a very efficient way.

The whole idea that intentions do manifest is literally true.”

– Dr. Pillai

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