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Learn the secrets of Rama, a popular Vedic deity worshipped extensively in India, and what makes his archetype and his story, the Ramayana, so remarkable.


Secrets of Rama


Lord Rama is a popular Vedic deity who is worshipped extensively in India. His story, the Ramanyana, is considered one of the most prominent epics of not just India, but the entire world. Remnants of his reign have also been found across the globe in Asia, South America, and even Egypt.

What makes Rama’s archetype so remarkable?

There are several revelations from the Siddhas and the scriptures that give us a deeper understanding of this 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.


Secrets of Rama and OM

“If you want to find a sound as powerful as OM it is RAMA. It is a sound that can give you everything that you want.” – Dr. Pillai

One of the most prominent characteristics of Rama is that his name is considered to be the only other mantra as powerful as OM. OM is said to be the sum total of all consciousness. All the Divine principles, represented as the vast pantheons of the Gods and Goddesses featured in many of the mystical traditions of the world, are believed to have all emerged from this one, ultimate sound OM. So how is Rama as powerful?

Dr. Pillai tells the story that can be found in the Ramayana. Once, the great saint Vishvamitra was trying to perform an intense fire ritual. Demonic beings kept desecrating it. Vishvamitra had his hands tied, so to speak, as one of the components required to successfully perform the ritual was he could not curse. So, he left the jungles and traveled to the seat of rulership of the Kingdom in Ayodhya to seek help.  Vishvamitra requested that King Dasartha give his son Rama and his brother Lakshmana to protect the ritual so he could complete it. Dasartha reluctantly agreed and Rama and Lakshmana left with Vishvamitra to head back to the jungle.

Vishvamitra was a highly accomplished rishi, or seer, who became the Guru to Rama, the Avatar of God. One of Vishvamitra’s greatest accomplishments was that of mastering all the Divine principles, represented by the Gods and Goddesses, by mastering all their mantras. In total, there are said to be over 33 million different Gods and Goddesses who together culminate as the sound OM. 

Vishvamitra initiated Rama into all their mantras. The story goes that Rama chanted them one by one. After just a single recitation, the God or Goddess would appear and ask Rama where they should sit. Rama would tell them to sit in his body, mind, and soul.

Thus, when you say the sound Rama, you are accessing all of the Divine principles that reside within that sound. 


Secrets of Rama as the Essence of Siva And Vishnu

“The sounds OM NAMA SIVAYA and OM NAMO NARAYANAYA do not have the same power as ‘RAMA.’ They all derive their power from the two sounds ‘RA’, and ‘MA.’ – Dr. Pillai

In the Vedic culture, Siva and Vishnu are considered to be the two major aspects of the Holy Trinity. The third, Brahma, is believed to be an extension of Vishnu, as Brahma emerged from Vishnu’s navel. Each of their powers is believed to be derived from their mula mantras, or fundamental sounds which create their consciousness, power, and intelligence.

Vishnu’s mula mantra is OM Namo Narayana. Siva’s is OM Namasivaya. 

Of the syllables of Vishnu’s mantra, RA is considered to be the essence because without including it, the auspiciousness of the mantra is considered to be nullified. Similarly, MA is considered to be the essence of the power of Siva’s mantra. Hence, the mantra RA MA is considered to contain the distilled essence of Vishnu and Siva, making it what the Siddhas refer to as the “Star Among Mantras.”


Rama is Complete Royal Power

“Rama is an all-powerful mantra that gives Royal Power. If you want to have a lot of self-esteem and royalty consciousness, that sound is: ‘RA MA.’ You will have complete control over power, both spiritual, and temporal power.” – Dr. Pillai

According to Vedic astrology, the nine planets represent the nine major aspects of consciousness. Of the nine planets, the Sun and the Moon are believed to represent royalty consciousness. The Sun is the king, which is associated with Spiritual Power, and the Moon is the queen, which represents Material Power. One of the secrets of Rama is that the sound Rama contains both. Ra is the power of the Sun and Ma, the moon. Thus, chanting the sound Rama has the potential to grant you complete royal power. Dr. Pillai teaches that by mastering this sound, both the spiritual and material power come under your control. 


Rama Neutralizes the Suffering Principle

One of the most remarkable patterns in the Ramayana is Rama’s association with beings who have overcome Saturn. Saturn represents the suffering principle – the worst of our karma which manifests as suffering of every kind: depression, low self-esteem, even death. Rama’s father, Dasartha, once challenged Saturn to a duel to prevent a drought. Saturn was extremely pleased with Dasartha’s virtues, and gave him a solution. In the Siddha tradition, the son is considered to be the Father reborn, but a more evolved version. Thus, it is no surprise that Rama is considered to embody the epitome of all the virtues, beyond even his Father. 

Rama’s number one devotee and helper is Hanuman. Hanuman is considered to be immortal, invincible, and all powerful. He has even been able to defeat Rama himself in a duel, according to sacred scriptures. Dr. Pillai refers to him as a God who can do the impossible, and a manifestation of the supreme God Ganesha. Hanuman, Dr. Pillai teaches, got all of his power from the sound Rama. One of those powers includes being able to control Saturn, which means being able to control our suffering. Hanuman once defeated Saturn in a duel, and became his overlord. After defeating him, Hanuman compelled Saturn to give a boon that Saturn will not bother those who chant the sound Rama.


Secrets of Rama as Shiva’s Supreme Mantra

“To say or think of RAMA is to access the entire Divinity. There is no mantra that is as powerful. Who says this? Siva himself. Siva is the Ultimate God, the God of Yogic Power and Siddhis. But he himself has said that he uses the sound RAMA.” – Dr. Pillai

Shiva is considered to be the Lord of all the Yogis, siddhi powers, and the father of OM itself. The Siddhas worship him as a supreme God, and say that even Vishnu and Brahma emerged from Siva, from either side of his body. Of all the mantras, Siva is said to use the mantra Rama. In Siva’s city, Kasi, people chant it to achieve liberation. Once, Siva told his consort, Parvati, who wanted to chant the Vishnu Sahasrama (the thousand names of Vishnu) to just chant Rama instead. He told her that chanting Rama just one time is equivalent to chanting all the thousand names of Vishnu. Each name of Vishnu glorifies and bestows unique powers and intelligence, and one of the secrets of Rama is that the Rama mantra contains all of them in one.


Give Birth to Rama’s Consciousness

The most important day of every year for Rama worship is his birthday. Dr. Pillai teaches one of the secrets of Rama is that you can birth him from your unconscious into your conscious mind on his birthday to gain access to his supreme power, intelligence, and bliss. 


Join Dr. Pillai’s Fire Lab for Rama Blessings – April 20, 2021 

Dr. Pillai has been inspired to host a fire lab to invoke the secrets of Rama and his boon-bestowing presence on behalf of participants and the world. You are invited to join Dr. Pillai live to benefit from group synergy to multiply the impact for everyone. The energy exchange is half of what it normally costs to join Dr. Pillai’s live fire labs.




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