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“You need Shreem Brzee now more than ever. So, commit to the practice of the mantra and become part of this Shreem Brzee community. Once you do that, then you will see, because of the sound, we are able to create prosperity consciousness.” – Dr Pillai



During these trying times, we wanted to reach out with words of comfort and support. Although you may be in self-isolation, we have a few ways to help you lift your spirits and leverage your extra alone-time to your benefit.

Shreem Brzee is an important mantra to use right now. The sounds work on the subtle level of “nada,” as it is called in Sanskrit, to increase your joy, peace, and support financial abundance. Shreem is a sound that is about nourishment, comfort, and life-energy. Brzee can help remove psychological dis-ease associated with your identity, and attract wealth of both the material and spiritual nature.

3 Ways to Use Shreem Brzee Right Now

We want to bring you as much support as possible during this time, so we have outlined several ways you can use Shreem Brzee to to your benefit.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to Shreem Brzee your quarantine:

  1. Play the mantra on repeat 24/7 in your environment.

Even if you play it on a low, inaudible level, it can help infuse your space and environment with joy and comfort. Dr. Pillai says when you do this you are literally filling the air with the mantra. Dr. Pillai himself is currently playing the mantra 24/7, where he is in self-isolation.  It helps keep your mind in tune with the sacred sounds without you having to do anything!

  1. Chant Shreem Brzee 

There are two ways to chant Shreem Brzee.

One is through what’s called “japa,” that is repetition of the mantra. You can use a mala to count at least 108 times per day. You can also chant during your day as you go about your activities, whether that is cleaning, exercising, or just relaxing. In general, chant as much and as often as you can.

The second way to chant is through what is called “ajapa japa.” This is a silent repetition of the mantra where you hold onto it more as a feeling.

  1. Write Shreem Brzee 

Write the mantra 108 times per day or as much as possible to help bring the thought into physical reality. It is also done to help relieve stress and bring clarity to your mind. 

Free Ways to Engage with the Shreem Brzee Community

Watch live videos on Shreem Brzee Instagram > https://www.instagram.com/shreembrzeeofficial/ 

Join Pillai Center Teacher Gina (Lakshmi) as she guides you daily on simple ways to incorporate the mantra into your daily life. She has been layering in simple, practical ways to Shreem Brzee your quarantine as well as give a short guided meditation or technique. Tune in daily at 11am PT / 6pm UTC. 

Join weekly 1-hour group chanting calls >https://www.pillaicenter.com/specials/shreem-brzee-global-community-chanting-call 

Group meditation has been demonstrated in multiple scientific studies to have an amplification effect that benefits both the meditators and those in the local population. Join these one hour live group meditations to collectively focus on a variety of meditation and chanting audios given by Dr. Pillai. You will have the benefit of connecting with the other community members from all over the world for an immersion in the power of Shreem Brzee. 

Engage in the Shreem Brzee Facebook group > https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShreemBrzeeMantra/ 

Join the thousands of people around the world who use the mantra. Ask questions, connect with community members, share your experiences and be inspired! You can also join chanting challenges and stay up on current news. 

Like our Pillai Center Facebook page for regular updates > https://www.facebook.com/ShreemBrzeeOfficial/ 

Join the Pillai Center Facebook page and receive inspiring and educational messages from Dr. Pillai and Pillai Center Teachers. 

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Announcements

We know many of you are interested in receiving more structure and support with your Shreem Brzee practice.  We are working on more ways to support you such as group and one-on-one coaching as well as an online course with new meditations and teachings from Dr. Pillai.  Stay tuned for updates!


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