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Liberation from diseases and suffering can become our reality when we return to bliss consciousness. Dr. Pillai teaches that we can create this new reality.



Liberation from Diseases and Suffering

When we become victims of science and technology we live a life of misery, operating from the senses. We believe that life and death is natural. If death was natural we would not be afraid of the coronavirus. 

God said to Adam and Eve, “Do not go to the Tree of Knowledge.” He was referring to the limited mind, the logical mind, but they disobeyed.

Along with our own limited thoughts, we also have logic-based thoughts, ideas, concepts and experiences linked to our parents, grand-parents, great grand-parents and so on. These are known as soul genetics.

The Chinese, Japanese and Mayans knew how to resonate with the souls of their deceased loved ones. They were able to connect with them and release their hold, thus initiating biological change. These are methodologies I have discussed in the course The Science of Miracles. Scientists disregard this technology—they consider it a religion and not a science.

Don’t Waste Time Living the Thoughts of Someone Else

You can change the limiting thoughts of your deceased ancestors and stop them from controlling your destiny. It is important to get back to the liberation of bliss consciousness, the true consciousness of every human being.

We should all experience constant bliss. Jesus said, “I want to create heaven on earth” but he failed. That is why he said, “I will send the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will teach you supernormal things and you will be able to perform miracles.” 

Very few Christians believe in miracles—they are also victims of the limited mind. Our soul is completely overpowered and programmed by logic.

Challenge Limited Circumstances with Unlimited Thoughts

We have to unite science and technology with the unlimited reality taught by the mystics. Then, we will stop living by science and logic alone. This will help us to stay focused on the greater reality of eternal bliss and our liberation from diseases, suffering and disappointment. No one should miss out on that. We have to merge these teachings into science—quantum physics can do that. The Divine will help and with his help, we can create a new reality.

A World of Freedom, Benefit and Liberation

I am very happy to be living in the 21st Century—there is a possibility that we can create a new humanity, a new human race and a new human civilization.

God bless,

Dr. Pillai


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