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Misery is an illusion. Dr. Pillai speaks about changing the world’s consensus reality from one of set-in-stone beliefs to one of unlimited possibilities.



We have become arrogant with technology. The coronavirus was predicted by Sylvia Browne eight years ago in her book End of Days. She stated quite clearly that there would be a virus. She mentioned pneumonia and said that people would die.

Nobody believed her because she was a psychic and not a scientist. A psychic is someone who has the ability to open the third eye and see into the past, present and future very clearly.

The United States police department often called upon her to help with complex cases. We should all be able to see what Sylvia was able to see—we should all have an awakening of the third eye.

Small Shifts in Energy Can Create Positive Results

We need to structure reality on the power we have inside. We cause our own negativity and misery because we depend too much on logic. Even Einstein was a victim; he could not accept quantum physics and was stuck in his own mind-set. This happens with the human mind.

Going forward, we should focus on the many states of consciousness we have access to and decide how much we want to stay with the logical mind. We should decide how much we want to focus on misery, on the stock market, politics, science—a consensus reality (concepts that people believe are real).

I am here on this earth plane to change this consensus reality; it is so negative and full of misery. Wealthy people stay wealthy, poor people stay poor; that is the paradigm we have subscribed to. The genes are partly responsible but to a larger extent we are solely responsible. We structure our own reality every second of the day.

When You Doubt Your Power, You Give Power to Your Doubt

We can change everything in a moment. That is the divine gift that we were given. But collectively, we have succumbed to a reality interpreted by the senses and judgement. We have been trained to think of logic as reality and as such, nothing changes.

You are God, you are unlimited consciousness, but lifetime after lifetime; you have created certain orientations that govern your life.

Humanity has to believe that every moment is new, and create a civilization based on that. We are stopped from doing this by a negative force that does not allow us to change the status quo. That is why we cannot lose weight, or do things that are lucrative and profitable—inbuilt negativity stops us.

Being In The Moment Is The Miracle

As long as we are guided by the mind and the senses we will not make any drastic changes in our lives. Quantum physics must become a theoretical reality. It has to become a new science with new politics. Senators and congressmen have to think in the ‘now.’  

If we remain in the material world there will be no future. The coronavirus is a wake-up call, telling us that life is not guaranteed. The virus can kill at any time and we are extremely vulnerable to misery—we need a miracle.

Angels Represent God’s Personal Care For Us

That is why I am very happy to teach a course called The Science of Miracles. When God created man, he put two or three angels with him. The angels take care of us.

We have not been taught to see angels but we can learn. When we visualize through the third eye we can see them, use them and gain a lot of benefits.

Time, space and intelligence are all connected. We have to challenge the mental concept of contained time. Decide when we want something to happen and take it seriously. 

There was a time when people could not travel from the east to west coast as there was no transportation. If they did, it took several years, but time and space changed because intelligence changed. These are things that I discuss in the course. They will allow you to challenge time and manifest things now and not later—illusion versus reality.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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