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Shreem Brzee Wealth Powertimes


April 2022


How to Use Cosmic Openings to Manifest Wealth this Month


April 2022 Shreem Brzee Powertimes


April 2022 offers several special powertimes that are ideal for manifesting wealth and abundance using Shreem Brzee. Learn of their significance and apply techniques that help eradicate negativity and obstacles, and make way for material and spiritual prosperity.

Shreem Brzee Friday | April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Venus, the cosmic symbol for wealth and abundance, rules the Earth plane on Fridays. As the planet of prosperity, it is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi. Connecting deeply with the Divine energy of Lakshmi and the abundant energy of Venus offers momentum for wealth manifestation. You add extra momentum to your Shreem Brzee practices on this day by manifesting during Venus hora. You can find the horas on the Hora Watch app.


4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | April 4 and 19

The 4th Moon is associated with Ganesha, the archetype responsible for obstacle removal. Dr. Pillai says that Ganesha and Lakshmi are always together. It’s helpful to include Ganesha in your Shreem Brzee practices because he can help support your wealth manifestations by clearing blockages.

Clear Obstacles on the 4th Moon:

  • Offer prayers to Ganesha to remove delays or blockages that prevent prosperity.
  • Chant Shreem Brzee and Om Gum 108 times.


Waxing Moon Phase | April 11-15

During the waxing phase, the Moon is growing and its energy is expanding. This expansion presents an opportunity for us to grow along with it. After the releasing and renewal period of the New Moon, the waxing phase is ideal for incorporating intentional activity in your life. It’s an auspicious time to focus on and take action toward your goals, and increase your manifestation efforts.


11th Moon for Wealth | April 12 and 26

The 11th Moon is associated with Vishnu, Lakshmi’s consort. Together, they form a power couple that sustains our life on Earth with blessings of wealth, health, happiness, beauty and purity. It’s important to pray to Vishnu during the 11th Moon, as his energy is available at maximum levels to bestow abundance unto us. 

Manifest Wealth on the 11th Moon:

  • Chant “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 or 1,008 times.
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108 or 1,008 times.


Karma-Clearing 13th Moon | April 13 and 27

The 13th Moon allows you to release negative karmic habits and patterns, as well as thoughts, behaviors, or emotions that you wish to dissolve. On Pradosham (the 13th Moon), there is a special window of time which occurs 1.5 hours before sunset. This is an especially significant time to perform mediation, chanting or rituals that help diffuse scarcity. Chanting Shreem Brzee at the throat is ideal on this day, as karma is stored in the throat chakra.

Clear Karma to Create a Pathway for Prosperity:

  • Pray to remove unwanted thoughts and emotions that hold you back.
  • Chant Brzee or Shreem Brzee at the throat 108 times.
  • Perform the Surrogate Spiritual technique with Lakshmi’s how-to video. 


Vedic New Year | April 14

On April 14, the Sun moves into Aries, which is the first house of the zodiac. When the Sun transitions into the empowered space of Aries, it receives a boost of energy that is accessible to the Earth plane. 

Both Dr. Pillai and  the Vedic tradition consider this cosmic transition the true new year because it represents the astrological new year. This powertime helps us start new with energetic support from the Sun, which empowers our soul and feeds us life force energy. It facilitates our health and sustains life.  

As a supporting practice, you can chant the “Gayathri” Mantra, which was brought to Earth Vishwamitra, who also gave the “Brzee” mantra. In Vedic tradition, if people worship Lakshmi and Ganesha on this day, they have the opportunity to start anew with auspicious energy.

Start Anew with Auspicious Energy on the Vedic New Year:

  • Pray to the Sun for life, light and empowerment at sunrise.
  • Thank the Sun for sustaining you with life force energy at sunset.
  • Pray to Ganesha and Lakshmi to bestow blessings of material and spiritual wealth.
  • Chant Shreem Brzee and Gayathri 108 or 1,008 times.


Full Moon | April 15

In its complete phase, the Moon harbors maximum abundant energy. It’s the greatest opportunity to magnify your manifestations, as your efforts are multiplied. It’s recommended to double down on your Shreem Brzee practices, meditation, rituals, and prayers. As the most influential Shreem Brzee powertime, it’s important to take advantage of the Full Moon.

This specific Full Moon is special, as it represents the Hindu festival called “Chitra Purnima.” This is a time when “Chitra Gupta,” known as the record keeper of our good and bad deeds, reviews our akashic records. When you honor him on this day, you have an opportunity to grace and appease him so that he can clear your karma and alter your records in a positive way.

What to Do on the Full Moon:

  • Offer sincere prayers to Lakshmi.
  • Boost your Shreem Brzee practice by spending extra time and focus while manifesting.
  • Chant and/or write 1,008 times.
  • Hydrate a Shreem Brzee yantra or Vishwamitra/Lakshmi statue with water or milk
  • Participate in April’s Full Moon Fire Lab + Four-Hour Meditation with Wealth Powertime Events


Waning Moon Phase | April 16 – 30

During the Waning phase, the Moon retracts and its appearance decreases in the sky. This is an opportunity for you to release and let go of negativity, old karmic thought patterns, bad habits, and anything that does not serve you.

Let Go of Wealth-Blocking Negativity:

  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108 times daily.


Anuradha Star for Wealth and Purity | April 18

Anuradha is the birth star of both Lakshmi, the Shreem Brzee archetype, and Vishwamitra, the father of Brzee. A star day is an energetic imprint. When the Anuradha star is present, it provides an opening for you to access wealth and purity with the energy of Lakshmi and Vishwamitra.

Manifest Wealth and Purity during Anuradha:

  • Chant Shreem Brzee 1008 times
  • Hydrate a Vishwamitra or Lakshmi statue, or a Shreem Brzee mantra by pouring water or milk over them.


New Moon | April 30

During the New Moon, the Moon’s energy is starting anew and appears black in the sky. Just as the Moon is “starting over,” you have an opportunity to renew and start fresh too. It’s the ideal time to let go of your ancestral debts through ancestral offerings (Tarpanam) and release unwanted desires that do not serve you. 

When our ancestors pass from their Earthly bodies and ascend to higher levels, they take thoughts and impressions with them. They can hold onto these concepts and imprint them into our consciousness. We are spiritually and energetically connected to our ancestors, so we can feel their thoughts and feelings – specifically about poverty. When we perform offerings, we ask them to bless us from their astral planes. During the New moon, it’s important to release these deep-seated karmic patterns from our ancestors to effectively manifest wealth.

Clear Ancestral Karma on the New Moon:


Spring Navaratri: 9 Night of the Goddess | April 1 – 9 

Navaratri occurs twice per year and is considered the most powerful time to access Goddess energy. During this time, three powerful goddesses, including Lakshmi, descend to the Earth plane to fight negativity and bad karma. While the Divine Feminine act as nurturing mothers,. The fierce version of Lakshmi available during Navaratri helps to clear poverty consciousness.

“Lakshmi is the most important of all the Goddesses because she represents wealth. Generally, Lakshmi is very benign, but this Lakshmi who is celebrated during the 9 Nights of the Goddess, is also a ferocious Lakshmi. She has to fight demons, the demons of poverty.”  — Dr. Pillai

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April 2022


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Tip of the Month for April 2022: Chant Shreem Brzee for at least 2 hours

Dr. Pillai recommends chanting Shreem Brzee for extended periods of time. Immersing in meditation for longer windows allows you to clear your mind and focus. The clearer you become, the more you allow super thoughts to arise. When you have some extra time (free of distractions) during your day or week, try to allot a special space for chanting Shreem Brzee.

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