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Skanda Shasti is a 6-day celebration of Archetype Muruga’s victory over a demon. Learn the practical meaning of the powertime plus how to connect with Muruga.

Muruga, aka Subramanya or Skanda, is a beloved Archetype in South India. He represents spiritual warrior energy, human evolution, developing the 3rd eye, and conquering internal and external enemies.

Skanda Shasti is a 6-day powertime which celebrates Muruga’s victory over a demon named Surapadma, aka Soorasamharam. It’s a major festival in Tamil and other parts of South India during Autumn.

Muruga’s Role in Human Evolution

If there was only one Archetype for human evolution, Muruga would be just that.

The Spiritual Warrior Archetype

Muruga is the Archetype of spiritual warriors. The mission of the spiritual warrior is to defeat evil by aligning with Spirit. Part of the process involves defeating the internal enemies of fear, doubt, and other  impediments created by ego. This is a starting point for defeating evil which manifests in external forms.

3rd Eye & Intuition

Muruga governs the development of the six regions of the brain and the 3rd eye, the seat of intuition.

Destroyer of the Great Illusion

Maya is the illusion that comes from ego. Separation from God warps human perception, and this warped perception is the cause of all evil in the world. Muruga helps you evolve so you can see the world as it actually is.

Skanda Shasti Origins

It is said that Muruga was born out of Shiva’s 3rd eye for the purpose of destroying the demons who wreaked havoc on Earth and knocked the world out of alignment with Dharma.

Shiva made him commander of the Divine Army of Devas. After a 6-day battle, Muruga killed Surapadma with his lance, which is more commonly known as His Vel.

The great victory symbolizes the defeat of evil in the form of:

  • Internal enemies like greed, lust, laziness, fear, and self-doubt
  • Karma (repetitive thought patterns that control destinies)
  • Maya
  • Ego
  • Debts
  • Disease
  • Legal issues
  • Disharmony in the family

Muruga’s Seed Mantra to Connect with Him at Home

Short version: Saravana Bhava

Pronounced: sah-ruh-VAH-nuh BAH-vuh

Long version: Om Saravanabavaya Namaha

Pronounced: ohm sah-ruh-vah-na-bah-VYE-yuh NAH-muh-hah

This mantra is used to defeat internal and external enemies and illnesses.


Dr. Pillai also recommends: “If you have a Vel, which is Muruga’s lance, you can do [ceremony] to it: Offer flowers, water, and learn about abishekam, which is just pouring milk or water on the Vel, This will do a lot of good during this time because a Vel will indeed remove your karma.”

What Blessings Can Skanda Shasti Bring?

“Muruga represents the primordial energy force identified in every ancient tradition in their own imagery. He is a spiritual warrior archetype who is responsible for human evolution at the subtlest level. The 6 days are very important days because if you miss these 6 days, then you have to wait for a one-year period” – Dr. Pillai

It is said that observance of Skanda Shasti can bring the following benefits:

  • Business success & career growth
  • Relationship & family harmony
  • Improved health
  • Eradication of debt
  • Intuition
  • Clear seeing
  • Success in legal issues
  • Destruction of all forms of negativity, within & without

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