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On October 27, Venus will be entering its favorite sign, the Libra. It stays there until November 21 and will ensure a positive turnaround in love life and other common relationships.

In Vedic astrology, Venus’ transits rarely bring permanent change. Yet astrologers are looking forward to the upcoming move of Venus to Libra or Tula.

This is because Venus is now very influential in the zodiac.

In fact, three other planets, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are now in Libra, which is ruled by Venus.

But when Venus is weak—as it’s been from Virgo, the sign of Venus’ debilitation—the other planets suffer and so do we.

There’s been a disorder in relationships, trade, brokerage, health, faith, finances, communication, beauty routines and much more.

Although there were significantly mitigating factors thanks to Mercury’s placement in Libra, life has been hard and people have agreed to disagree more than usual.

Venus, the planet of happiness and relationship, will finally enter Libra on November 2 (Nov. 3 IST). At that time, the energy of diplomacy, good manners, gentleness, harmony and beauty will rule the roost.

Venus is one of the planets with a faster transition, and it remains in a sign for about 25 days. This is a relatively short time, yet the imminent changes in the sky will bring you more joy will ensure the end of suffering.

So without further delay, here for you—three easy ways to step up love, secure beneficial agreements, get richer, enjoy your life, get a makeover, and make up with your partner. You’ve probably been waiting for these fantastic changes.

1. Exquisite taste

 When Venus enters Libra—its moolatrikona or sign of excellence—it will cross a bright star called Chitra (or Spica) ruled by Mars.

If you work in real estate or fashion designing sector. In fact, the energy of Chitra gives birth to lovely artworks, refined taste and helps you take action to beautify your environment, wardrobe, living space and more. You’ll create or benefit from splendid designs and architecture.

Everyone will be more likely to build a happier relationship in which romance and equality will be abundant.


The star Chitra is ruled by Tvastar or Vishwakarma—the architect of the Gods. According to the Rig Veda, this celestial designer had the power to build exquisite buildings and cities in a very short time—as also told in the epic Mahabharata. Tvastar was considered a descendant of Bhrigu, a great sage and father of Venus.

From Libra, Chitra brings a much-needed change, as from Virgo, Venus was causing both quarrels and hair-splitting tendencies.

A well-placed Venus in Libra helps us find agreement and offer pleasant gestures that can fix even a thorny relationship.

Moreover, from the other two constellations—Swati and Vishaka—Venus can gently nudge you to learn beneficial subjects like yogic breathing, and acquire spiritual knowledge to help yourself and your loved ones.

Venus also rules devotion and represents dedicated students. So students, too, will receive benefits during this transit.

If you want to update your wardrobe, between Nov. 2 and Nov. 26 you’ll find elegant and flattering new clothes and ornaments. And you’ll be able to bring beauty and happiness into your life through arts and entertainment.


Those born in Taurus and Libra or with the natal Moon in Venus constellations (Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashada) will benefit the most. For more information, you can consult an astrologer.

2. End of strife

In trade, deals will become more profitable.

The influence of a debilitated or weak Sun in Libra, which was causing vision problems and digestive upsets, will be greatly improved by the arrival of Venus. This will favor healing and bring a better political situation worldwide. Also, your connection with the government will benefit.

Travels are delightful while Venus is in Libra. If you’re thinking about taking time off to visit your loved ones or to spend time in a lovely resort or spiritual destination, now is the best time to book your tickets.

Traditional Vedic steps to end financial hardship and hopelessness are sounds or mantras to pacify an unfavorable influence of Venus in your chart.

Try this

  • Recite Venus’ mantra OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Fridays and during the Venus hora (check the AstroVed Hora Watch app).
  • Recite the wealth sounds taught by Dr PillaiSHREEM BRZEE for 30 minutes every day to connect with the ruler of Venus, Goddess Lakshmi, a celestial archetype of lasting abundance and beautiful creations.
  • Stay positive and expect miracles—trust and faith are, in fact, traditional ingredients for manifesting, because they stop karmic disbelief.

3. The benefits of faith

Noble Jupiter is a teacher or Brahmin. From Libra, Jupiter puts our focus on fairness and relationships. This is the planet of positivity, faith, expansion, intelligence and wealth. In conjunction with Venus, the other celestial teacher, idealism and beauty will grow.

In Vedic lore, Brahmin planets are the most evolved. They focus on learning and help humanity by teaching higher knowledge and pure devotion.

Together, these two planets can help us build a relationship that gives more than just sensual gratification.

Venus and Jupiter in Libra bring optimism and fair exchanges—especially among world leaders. Both diplomacy and markets will grow. The recent political division and ideological polarity will be greatly reduced, if not resolved. Peace will seem possible.

On a personal level, these two gentle planets will go a long way to uplift humanity after longstanding difficulties.

Sponsoring Vedic fire ceremonies (or Fire Labs) to Jupiter, the Sun and Venus is believed to bring the best results for lasting happiness and prosperity.

Fire rituals to Maha Lakshmi are considered the ultimate remedy for poor finances. This Goddess embodies total auspiciousness. In fact, success and abundance are said to be some of her life-changing gifts.

Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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