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Dr. Pillai’s upcoming program, The Mystery School, will be like nothing he has taught before. Insights into the teachings include notions such as alchemy and meta-psychology bridging deeply secret knowledge from the ancient Masters.

Here’s what Dr. Pillai himself has revealed

“For the past 3 years, I’ve consistently been leaning towards science. It all started with my changing identity from Dattatreya Siva Baba to Dr. Pillai.

“I just wanted to go mainstream and that’s the reason I changed it.

“Now the opposite is happening and that’s why I’m going more towards religion. I won’t say particularly religion. It’s more like the mystical tradition.

The Mystery School will be delving deeply into the mysticism and nuclear science of the ancient world.

“It’s not that the ancient people didn’t know about nuclear physics. I’d rather call their physics nuclear metaphysics or meta-psychology.

Extraterrestrial help

“I’m going to talk about how we can, in a very realistic way, get help from extraterrestrials. Not like any other year.

It’s going to present very ancient technology in terms of modern neuroscience, modern physics, modern chemistry and so forth.

“So I want you to come to the free event [webcast] that I’m doing. I’ll be explaining to you the metaphysics of the ancient world and the new program.

“It’s amazing to know the science that they practiced. They all belong to nuclear levels of understanding—the sound waves.

Modern path to ancient super knowledge2

“The old idea of you having to go to the Himalayas and meditate for years and probably end up not getting anything is not going to work.

“What’s going to work is to see how things can be done in a fraction of a second.

“[Ancient mystics] They had the technology. Their alchemy is a very powerful technology and their management of time is also very powerful.

So I invite you for that, too. God Bless.

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