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Dr. Pillai’s new program comes with an unusual name—Mystery School—because it will include spiritual teachings from the yogic and Tamil Siddha traditions of India that have never been shared publicly before.

As the Sanskrit name suggests, the Siddhas are perfected beings who’ve mastered their consciousness and acquired supernormal powers. Being a Siddha master, Dr. Pillai’s unique power is to change one’s destiny—one of the most desirable siddhis or super abilities.

Mystery School will last for one year, beginning from January 1, 2018.

We’ve all experienced massive roadblocks and red tape in our goals at some point of our lives. But for many, delays and lack of true happiness are an everyday reality.

Our karmic pre-conditioning can make us feel helpless and that’s when it would be easy to give up and feel hopeless. This is one of the reasons Dr. Pillai has conceived Mystery School, as he wants to help us bypass all the common blockages we find when we try to create the life we want, whether it’s our new start-up company, a happy relationship, more freedom and time or more money.

This exclusive course is also based on notions of neuroscience, alchemy and meta-psychology, stemming from metaphysics and the Siddhas’ higher knowledge of cosmic energies capable of transforming human destiny from a life of struggle to an inspiring path of evolution and instant miracles.

The following six teachings and insights into the Mystery School’s curriculum stem from Dr. Pillai’s profound compassion and lifetime commitment to helping all.

1. Learn about time shaktis

The Indian traditions of the Vedic Rishis and Siddhas can be found in the science of Vedic astrology. These intuitive yogis spent their lives in deep observation of the cosmos. Through their higher states of consciousness, they decoded the energies and effects of celestial bodies on both the human mind and physiology.

Even more importantly, the yogis witnessed the existence of invisible, celestial beings with cosmic super powers and capacities to intervene, helping humans solve their problems during some special time windows.

The energy of the Moon conjoining with a certain star cluster can facilitate states of consciousness for manifesting and miracle making.

Dr. Pillai invites you to learn about the science of light or Vedic astrology and the many ways of using star rays to benefit your life.

The invisible waves of the celestial bodies or the radiation coming from the eclipses, for example, hold a strong influence on the human mind. Becoming aware of this process can facilitate the realization of Dr. Pillai’s long-held dream of bringing heaven on earth.

In Vedic astrology the focus is on the nine planets that deliver our karma through our thoughts.

Using AstroVed’s tool for identifying the planet ruling each hour—called Hora Watch—can help you use the best time for your daily activities.

This tool can effectively remove karmic thoughts that block your progress.

Learning about the Vedic stars is another easy way to tap into auspicious times for you.

There are 27 lunar mansions or nakshatras.  Every day a new star hosts the Moon and transfers to this luminary the specific characteristics and qualities of its archetypal rulers.

For example, a constellation in Aries called Ashwini carries a great healing energy for eliminating disease. The celestial rulers are the Aswini Kumaras, the physicians of the Gods.

Anuradha, a star ruled by Saturn in the sign of Scorpio favors the acquisition of wealth and sincere friendship. Mitra, the God of friendship is the ruler.

Mula, a nine-star cluster in Sagittarius, can help you transform yourself by removing the unwanted energy and habits delaying material and spiritual progress in your life. Its ruler is Nirriti, a Goddess who destroys all that is unhealthy or unnecessary in your life.

You can receive more free information about the science of Vedic astrology through both www.AstroVed.com and www.Pillai Center.com.

2. Karma removal

Another great tool and core teaching Dr. Pillai emphasizes is karma removal. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to receive even the greatest blessings from a spiritual Master before clearing negative karma.

Dr. Pillai’s karma-removal meditation with some special sounds—Thiru Neela Kantam—and the visualization of blue light in the throat area can counteract much bad karmic energy.

3. Powerful Vedic technology

Traditional Vedic statues and yantras (sacred geometrical plates) of celestial archetypes can change your destiny. Dr. Pillai said that treating statues of Gods like living beings can bring you miracles.

Each celestial being bestows different miraculous powers, according to the Vedic tradition. Here are some examples.

For wealth

Statues or yantras of Lakshmi (The Goddess of luxury and beauty), Vishnu (the preserver God) and Kubera (the treasurer of the Gods) can transform scarcity thinking into wealth-manifesting thoughts.


For education

Statues or yantras of Saraswati (the Goddess of higher knowledge), Ganesha (the scribe of the Mahabharata), Hayagreeva (the super intelligent, horse-headed guru of Saraswati) are believed to help you in your studies, public speaking and writing.

For relationships

All statues of the Divine Mother are said to bring you harmonious and compatible relationships. Some of her names are—Parvati, Lalitha Tripura Sundari and Durga.

4. The power of faith

Faith is probably the number one most important tool of spiritual evolution. “You should expect a miracle every day,” says Dr. Pillai.

There is, in fact, scientific evidence of how faith can bypass the skeptical, logical parts of the brain (such as the frontal lobe) and can give you the power to connect with higher beings.

5. Check your thoughts

Time, karma and space are interconnected. You’ve probably had an experience of intense frustration while waiting for the manifestation and fulfillment of your desires. Because of the nature of our brain, these thoughts of frustration can become automatic and acquire power, especially if we are not aware of them. When you choose supportive thoughts of gratitude, hope, positive expectation, forgiveness, you’ll be more capable of making desirable changes.

So it’s very important to check your thoughts throughout the day to eliminate negativity and acquire a positive mindset that leads to instant manifestation.

6. Time management

The way we manage our time can make or break our lives.

Eliminating delays and procrastination through the use of a stop watch, writing goals and learning about lunar phases, for instance, in addition to getting other cues from the cosmos can put speed into your manifestations and remove major delays.

The Mystery School will offer additional, secret techniques for changing your destiny and experiencing what you want.

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by Lalitha Devi

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