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Could the ancients and their mysterious knowledge be connected with faraway galaxies and super-fast time?

According to Dr. Pillai and the teachings in his new program, Mystery School, beginning on January 1, 2018, the answer is positively yes.

In fact, the Tamil Siddhas (yogis from a South Indian lineage) could observe many planes of existence in different dimensions—well beyond our tridimensional reality.

They also acquired alchemical knowledge of the brain, hyperspace time for manifesting at the speed of light and sacred mathematics.

Below, Dr. Pillai describes some of the aspects of his Mystery School teachings. He also talks of his fulfilled dream of living Einstein’s vision: “Where science ends, religion begins.”

“I’m at that point in life where I’m able to see the possibility for the integration of science and religion. So I’m going back to the mystery schools, which have unfortunately been buried by modern science.

“Now, the mystery school is regarded as superstition and science is regarded as real.

“This is wrong because science has no methodology to study spiritual phenomena. Science can only study material things. But can anyone see the spaces?


“The Tamil Siddhas were able to see innumerable spaces beyond the third dimensional space that Einstein talked about, along with the fourth dimension of time.

“If you understand the different dimensions of space, you can understand the corresponding dimensions of time. I have talked about it in my presentation of Timeline Jumping.

“I’m going to bring them together—time as it can be understood by modern physics, quantum physics, and what the mystery schools talk about.


Sacred numbers

“For example: numbers are at the root of organization, but we only know the mathematics of numbers. But mathematics has a spiritual dimension and the mystery schools knew of the spiritual dimension of numbers.

“In the [Mystery School] course, I’m going to talk about the Siddha tradition and its own economics and how certain numbers have the power to attract more wealth.

“Understanding the sacred dimensions of numbers is very practical.

“I’ve talked about a famous psychiatrist from Harvard, John Mack, who fought against the bureaucracy and the arrogance of the scientists and tried to bring together science and religion. His domain was abduction. You can be abducted to another galaxy and get the knowledge and wisdom of people from alien galaxies. They can give you a better brain.

“I’m not going to get into the politics. But at least in this course, those who want to be benefitted by alien technology will have ample opportunities to do that. The people who lived in Egypt, who were responsible for the [construction of] pyramids, were able to use that technology.

High ideas move at the speed of light

“They come and go in hyperspace time, beyond the tridimensional time. The idea is so fast that it’s there only for a fraction of a second. After it is gone, you cannot even remember it.

“So you have to be really alert and learn about this hyperspace time, which moves at tremendous speed and brings a greater intelligence.

“There is an opportunity here to infuse the brain with more light that can even evolve the brain. Now you’re using maybe 5 to 10 percent of the brain.”

End suffering

“There is no need to suffer a lot. Our economic system is flawed; our educational system is flawed. They are just geared towards rationality and logic.

“So neuroscience is going to play a vital role to understand how we can improve our intelligence.

“For the Siddhas, intelligence is a matter of chemistry.

“The mystery schools have a way of understanding it and describe them in terms of alchemy. We are tied down to certain known neurotransmitters. Hydro-cortisol stresses the system, depressing chemicals coming from the adrenal glands. We know serotonin that gives you a good feeling; melatonin that helps you sleep; oxytocin that brings you sensual experience.

“Also each day comes with a certain energy of the Moon conjoined with a certain star.

“For example, the first star, Ashwini, brings the time you can heal yourself. If you don’t know that energy, you don’t know how to use it.

“And another star, Anuradha, for creating wealth. You can analyze the thought process that comes to you at that time. Because the karmic force is more powerful than human effort.

Remove karmic imprints  

“That’s why there is a special meditation—Thiru Neela Kantam—visualizing the blue light to counteract your bad karmic energy.

“You can go to AstroVed and [this knowledge] it’s available to you for free.

“Look at your own thoughts. What kind of thoughts are coming to you – check the Hora Watch. See the good horas for you.

“The bottom line is that everything is discipline.

“Ancient civilizations had a great relationship with the Divine. That help is available to us.

“Treat the statues of Gods—like Lakshmi—as real. You can create anything with faith. Lack of faith makes you depressed and makes you stay in the analytical brain. Your faith is tied to miracles.

“You should expect a miracle every day!

“These are some of the points I’ll be covering in the Mystery School. God bless.”

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