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Change Your State Of Consciousness

You can easily go into a Theta, and sometimes even a Delta state, by just concentrating on this spot. It’s an amazing thing. You know, if you ask anybody who has been meditating for some time, or a few years, they wouldn’t even be able to go to Theta or Delta state instantaneously. This can do that. Of course there are more elements that will speed it up, but since you are beginning, I think this is good enough. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that you won’t go to a Theta state with this one, you know, just focus on it and then go into a Theta, or Delta state.

A Quiet Mind Equals Intelligence

What does that mean? That means your mind is very, very quiet, the brain is working very, very quietly. The more quiet it becomes, the more intelligent it is. That’s why I said that this is the Ultimate Meditation that I can think of. I know at least a few hundred different forms of meditation. You cannot achieve the results that you’ll achieve here within say 2 minutes, and being in the marketplace with a meditation like Mindfulness. There are some secrets which I will reveal to you later on of what really happens.

Open Your Midbrain

In the previous video I said that this opens up the Midbrain and then the Midbrain carries the Pituitary and the Pineal Glands, and they play a very important role in giving you a higher state of consciousness, and you are going to transform your life just with this one little technique.

Track Your Progress

So please keep updating me on the progress, and at least keep a journal of how you progress with these meditations.

God Bless

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