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Gone are the days when all eyes and spotlights were on fun-loving and technologically savvy Gemini, the Vedic natural house of communication via media and marketing.

Public relations there became blunt and it was all about the bottom line and business moves.

Major change is now afoot when on July 16 the Sun enters into a much softer and more guarded area of the zodiac belonging to one of the Sun’s best friends—none other than the sensitive and wobbly Moon.

The Sun in Cancer will find in the same home of education, security, nurturing mothers, emotional nourishment and hard-core patriotism, two other celestial bodies—the inimical Venus and flexible Mercury.

What happens when the planetary energies shift to these private and domestic arenas? Either a delightful time within the perimeters of your home and office or a full-out, take-no-hostages temper tantrums leading to hurts and misunderstandings.

So because you want to rise above pettiness and negative emotions, yet secure your place in the world, here for you three Vedic tips for achieving unprecedented success in both your career and private life—all courtesy of Vedic astrology, its principles and remedies.

Career leap

The Sun is both a leader and a kingly figure. Ultimately ruling our soul’s journey on Earth, the Sun indicates your capacity to guide others without becoming oppressive.

In Cancer the Sun brings you great power to take care of those you are responsible for.

Service with caring will now bring you love, trust and acceptance from clients and coworkers. The power of the Sun can strengthen the emotions and reduce insecurities.

If you’re a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, you’ll enjoy the energy of the Sun in Cancer.

Exercising your authority with a soft glove will benefit you the most anywhere in the political arena or conference room.

Avoid the us-versus-them trap

The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer can now go both ways—either toward nurturing and caring for all people in your life. Or—and this isn’t recommended—caring just for your near and dear: your countrymen, your religious affiliates and your family (particularly your mother and father) to the exclusion of everyone else.

“Not our kind, dear.” Sounds familiar?

The thing is that no good can come to us through unfair and fear-based decisions. And Cancer is both reserved and fearful.

Imagine a CEO who wants to do business only with his own family, fellow citizens or former classmates. Precluding access to world markets and foreigners isn’t exactly the recipe for success in the 21st century.

Not to mention that excessive nationalism can easily lead to negative feelings such as mistrust and hatred—certainly not the qualities we need for solving our current global crisis.

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The Sun in Cancer can bring you help from your father, your local government and gains through homemade goods.

If you can be a bit more loving and kind towards those who touch your life—work will be a breeze, as positive feelings of camaraderie can bring benefits through others’ cooperation. And, you’ll also feel good!

How to expand your reach?

If you can include hospitals, counseling, hospitality and women in your work, job and projects, you’ll be helped by the planets.

Try the following to strengthen the Sun and improve your career prospects.

  • Appeal to the Sun with his special sounds OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Sundays or any day at sunrise.
  • Sponsoring fire labs to the Sun and Shiva are said to be much stronger remedies for receiving favors from the Sun and Lord Shiva.
  • Offer flowers, a lit candle (or lamp) and incense, fruit and water to the Sun on Sundays. Recite the mantra above.
  • On any given morning, pour water outside (or on your balcony) 3 times and recite the above mantra 3 times.
  • Ask the Sun for what you need in terms of career or help from VIPs. You can also for financial wealth.
  • Thank the Sun.

Enjoy the energies!

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