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Pleasant Surprises

Pleasant Mattress Surprises. That seems to be a very strange topic to talk about, but this comes out of people’s Midbrain Tapping, outside the Search, and two people, it’s on the feedback if you go to the section people have given the feedback. Two people wanted mattresses, and one person found the mattress surprisingly in a garage sale or something, and another person needed $20 more dollars which she didn’t have to buy a mattress. So she opened her wallet, and then exactly found the $20 dollars to buy the new mattress.

This is exactly what I want to hear. There will be surprises like that, pleasant surprises. So when you are say searching for something, and then you get more than you want – that is within the search. Outside the search, also you benefit. Our problems will be resolved.

You Are Benefitting on Both Levels

Why did I come up with this idea?  Because I’ve told you many times, if I ask you to sit down and Tap, you won’t Tap. But then you are engaged in a search, and then when you go and Tap. And then there are two things happening. One the search is a very fruitful search, and then you get more than what you want, and that’s great. And then it has an outside effect, and that is the mattress case. So you are benefitting on both levels. You are benefiting more than what you want by Tapping because if the Midbrain is involved, it will give you surprises. If the Frontal Lobe is involved then it will give you only a directed search and it will also not be satisfying, and frustrating.

I Want You to Get More Involved

So this is what my whole plan for this MidBrain Tapping. So I want you to get more involved. There are 400 or so people, but I am not happy that every one of you is not doing that, but I want to encourage you to do that.

This is going to change your life outside the search as well.

So let’s now do the Tapping.

MidBrain Tapping Technique

Close your eyes.

Now after we have Tapped awhile, even after closing your eyes, you can see the Gates One, Two, Three, Four, and also you can visualize that too.

And this is something you can do when you have perfected this technique.

And until then you have to do the Tapping.

Now go to Gate One, – One Tap, Press hard with the nail.

Feel the energy exploding within the Midbrain, and extending to the Entire Brain.

Gate Two, Tap, Press hard.



Now, take your hands off and then look at the spots, Gates One, Two, Three, Four.

Energy exploding within the Midbrain, and then spreading to the Entire Brain.

Now visualize the Red Light starting from Gate One, going up to Gate Four.

Stay in that position for however long you want.

God Bless

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