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Most people experience great difficulties and would rather change their destiny from hardship to happiness and bliss.

Dr. Pillai’s invitation to join him—any way you can—provides you with a great opportunity to get a new and better life.

The upcoming Guru Purnima, the Full Moon of the Guru, is the most important time for everyone and not just for spiritual people.

“On this day there is a special energy that comes from the Moon. There is at least a 20,000-year history behind this. I would say it’s eternal.

“This Full Moon is claimed by everyone [in all traditions] as sacred and most important. 


“The Buddhists think that this is the day in which the Buddha was born. The Hindus think it’s the day when Vyasa, the compiler of the Vedas, was born. Also the Jains claim it as their own.

“This is because it’s a most important night when the Moon is extremely powerful and affects your brain in a significant way, giving you greater intelligence. Not just knowledge, but intelligence of the highest kind.

Super intelligence and supernormal powers

“The yogis acquire siddhi [or supernormal] powers on this day. That’s why I recommend to everyone—use this day.

“I’m going to do a four-day program. And for those who aren’t able to come because of constraints, whether they are money or other constraints, there is a live webcast that you can attend.

“The blessings that I want to give you include both spiritual and material blessings.


“There is a special invocation that I’ll do to bring all these great gurus who have contributed to the development of special powers, miraculous powers. And how you can get them.

“So it’s important to get in touch with them on this day because they all descend into the earth plane to bless us.

“There are several things I’ve planned, some special invocations. Especially, I wanted to include the 18 Siddhas who improved the [Vedic] technology of the Sapta Rishis—the Seven Rishis—to contemporize their teachings. So it’s a great occasion not to be missed.

All-inclusive blessings 

“I’m going to give special blessings for those who are not able to afford any money at all.

“I want to extend my blessings. I’ll be in San Diego during the event. I’ll give blessings and a message on that day for all the Facebook listeners and also those who watch me on YouTube. 

“For those who are coming in person for the four days, of course, I will do things I’ve never done before—because as time passes by, I refine my techniques or methods and that seems to be almost inevitable.

“As time moves, more things are revealed.

“Now I’m able to reach people through YouTube and Facebook. They were not available 20 or 30 years ago.

Sacred mathematics

“I’m going to talk about the mathematics behind the Kubera yantra—why are the numbers significant, what they mean and how they bring prosperity.

“Also to those who’ll participate in the live webcast I said: they should get the Kubera yantra.

“To those who want to be more prepared—just go and do your own Google search on the Kubera yantra and the significance of the numbers.

“There is a lot to learn. I’ll give you a summary of the most important aspects of that.

“It’s the time when you can change your destiny. I invite you to come and change your destiny once and for all. God bless. “

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