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Do you suffer from the winter blues? Apparently many are affected by diminished light, and experience subdued moods or depression during the winter season.

While one 2016 study on SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) has been paraded to disprove the existence of this winter syndrome, we find countless studies and common-sense evidence showing that many people become lethargic, feel unenthusiastic and long for brighter light in the midst of winter.

So you may be happy to learn that the Sun, the first of the nine Vedic planets, is now in Capricorn (Jan. 13 – Feb. 12, 2017). And here this luminary begins its northward journey.

While this movement actually starts in Sagittarius soon after the winter solstice, according to Vedic tradition the official northward movement of the Sun begins in Capricorn, an event called Makar Sankranti.

This passage brings increasingly more light to those in the Northern Hemisphere who’ll enjoy later sunsets, earlier sunrises and better moods.

But regardless of where you’re located on earth, this transit marks the awakening of the Vedic Gods. In fact, these celestial beings are said to experience time at a much faster pace. In the Vedic tradition, one Earth year corresponds to a 24-hour cycle for celestial beings living in more evolved galaxies and higher-vibrational space.

After sleeping for six months or during their nighttime, the Gods now wake up to a pleasantly pink dawn leading to daytime.

So to increase your success, personal power, intelligence of the soul, and vitality (the Sun’s domains) and live in a more awakened state, here for you—three easy ways to celebrate and connect with the intelligence of your higher self, as prescribed by the ancient Vedic seers. Let the Sun guide you to greater heights and achievements.

1. Light up with Vedic technology

Wintertime fluctuations in your levels of cortisol or stress hormone, melatonin or sleep hormone, and Vitamin D needed for immune boost, show that sunlight is fundamental for our health.

The sun, for example, activates the so-called photoreceptors in the eyes, which stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter connected with mood balance.




Interestingly, Vedic astrology teaches that the Sun is connected with your eyesight, general health and energy.

Moreover, the eyes are connected with intelligence and information, says Dr. Pillai.

Try this

  • Take a bath to to signal your readiness for purification, divine light and higher intelligence.
  • Light a ghee lamp (or candle) and some incense in front of an image of the Sun God. He’s a living being with an anthropomorphic form, who can boost your career and health, and help you to receive boons from authority figures.
  • Offer bright red or yellow flowers and a cup of fresh water.
  • Talk to the Sun and ask for help to acquire more intelligence, evolution and vitality, or anything related to your projects’ success, recognition from higher-ups, and financial wealth.
  • Spend some time in nature every day. If the weather or time of the day permits, don’t wear your sunglasses. Allow gentle, indirect sunrays to enter your eyes and uplift your mood.
  • Do not stare directly at the Sun, unless properly instructed.

Go fly a kite—literally. In fact, Indians unfold their colorful kites skyward at this time of the year to celebrate the return of light, leading to lovely and fun outings.

 2. Sound therapy

 Usually, the Sun and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, are bitter enemies.

Given that mantras vibrate at the frequencies you need to connect with higher beings, Vedic sounds can bring you a host of benefits and defuse negativity.

Try this

  • Recite the traditional Sun mantra—OM SURYAYA NAMAHA—108 times and especially on Sundays. Ask the Sun for what you need in your work or health.
  • Listen to or chant the Gayatri Mantra that connects you with all the powers of the Sun.

Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swaha,

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

Loosely translated, this traditional Vedic chant means:

Oh God, Protector, and Cause of all life,

Who is causeless,

Free from suffering,

Whose energy liberates the soul from all blemishes

Who encompasses the entire Cosmos and nourishes all,

Creator and Energizer of the whole Universe,

Giver of happiness,

Who is Worthy of worship, the most perfect,

Who is Pure and Purifies everything and all,

Let us bow and connect with that God, so that He may illumine and guide our souls to the highest abode.

3. Contact the Sun

In Capricorn, the Sun is focused on material and practical achievements—but you can be assured that the sun’s vibrations can also bring you much spiritual understanding.

Still, you might feel exceptional pressure at work, as the stakes are now higher and extended working hours might be in store.

No need to panic, though. Rely on well organized materials and a structured routine and you’ll certainly succeed.

Yet if you need a promotion or a bigger paycheck and you’re experiencing delays in your career—a Fire Lab or fire ritual to the Sun can bring you celestial support and miracles, as described in the ancient Vedas.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

by Lalitha Devi


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