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pcblog post 8-18-2015 - lion sunlight

Occasionally we all doubt ourselves. “Did I do well? Should I be more commanding in my career? Would I be successful in politics? Will the audience appreciate my performance,” and so on.

But, roll down the red carpets, play the herald trumpets, line up dignitaries and nobility and shine light on the throne: the King of the planets, Lord Sun, is now in his own sign of Leo and you can hear his roar.

This is great news for all those whose self-esteem has lately been dimmed by hardship. Others who are naturally shy or have been suffering from self-doubt will get a boost, too.

Lucky be the politicians—they will know how to grab public attention during this transit. Also, people whose careers include government positions or stage performance will greatly benefit.

So all performing artists are going to shine their energy on the audience and desire more admiration and respect. They’ll command that too and will most likely achieve their goals.

Only, to avoid becoming a tad overbearing and blinding others with your light, you can follow the six guidelines below to secure maximum and lasting success.

1. Fatherly blessings

Symbolically, the Sun embodies the father figure. Do you remember how protected you felt as a child as you held your father’s hand? Now imagine the Sun’s blessings of vitality and intelligence coming to you in a quick meditation.

Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Put your attention on your nostrils. When you feel settled and calm, recite the Sun’s special sounds:

OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (108 times).

Connecting with the Sun at sunrise or dusk will bring you the benefic influence of this brilliant celestial body.

Moreover, when the Sun enters a fixed sign such as Leo, you can get Vishnu’s help for creating abundance in your life. This special time window is called Vishnupati.

Recite OM NAMO NARAYANAYA on August 17 to receive miracles of wealth from Vishnu, the loving preserver of the universe.

2. Liberating light

Did you know that liberated souls go to the Sun after leaving the body and the earth plane? In fact, not only does the Sun represent the soul, but it is also the perfect abode for the most evolved beings after death.

Connecting with the Sun with his sounds (see above) will change your consciousness and bring you closer to the ultimate goal of life: realizing your divine nature.

pcblog post 8-18-2015 - business

3. Give vitamins to your career

A strong Sun in Leo can be a tonic for your career. Connecting with the Sun and devising a new career plan can now boost your prospects at work.

Stern and inimical Saturn is currently putting pressure on both the Sun and Jupiter, the other planet in Leo. This means that while you’ll feel optimistic and gain new knowledge, you’ll also feel compelled to work harder and for long-term benefits.

The Sun represents the power of government and politics—so you could also explore the possibility of a governmental job or in the political arena and you could become a candidate for a higher cause.

If you are a student, you might now consider going to law school.

4. Tone it down

No doubt the Sun in Leo radiates charisma and commands attention and admiration. But these qualities can get a bit much in personal relationships.

The point is that today even royals put up an approachable and friendly image to avoid overwhelming people with heavy-handed power.

So at home and at work do you best to be fair and share the light and the stage with others.

5. Hints from a Rig Veda Hymn

The very first verse of the oldest sacred text of India praises the God of fire, Agni. Such is the importance of fire for connecting with higher and powerful beings.

Although in modern times we have become disconnected from these Gods and their energy, we are fortunate that Vedic specialists are still guarding this knowledge and can perform correct fire rituals.

A Fire Lab to Surya, the mighty Sun, can bring you power and success in your field along with spiritual evolution.

6. Honor the other planets

As mentioned above, the Sun is now conjunct Jupiter, one of his friends and together they bring an ethical and optimistic vibes in all they rule: higher knowledge and wisdom, higher vision, optimism and inspiration, success and financial gains.

But we have to deal with Saturn’s agenda—he is putting the brakes on achievements and work seems harder than usual. Below are some sounds to pacify this Saturn’s energies and to strengthen our connection with Jupiter and receive his blessings.

  • OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Jupiter)

Enjoy the energies!

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