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sunThis month the Sun and Jupiter will be transiting Leo. The Sun is the royal planet of energy and activity. Jupiter is the 200% planet of material and spiritual blessings. Leo is a favorable atmosphere for both these planets of dharma. Moon and Mercury will also transit Leo for a few days this week.

The Sun will be lighting up Leo. So what is Leo all about? Leo is a sign of leadership and power ruled by the Sun. In his own sign, the Sun will be very comfortable and able to express his qualities to the utmost. This gives you a great opportunity to embrace leadership and power in your own life… however that looks in your life.

Leo is called Simha in Sanskrit and is symbolized by a lion. The lion is the king of the jungle, and the Sun is the king of the universe. The earth revolves around the Sun. If there were no Sun, all life on earth would cease. Plants depend on sunlight to conduct photosynthesis and provide food for the world. Without the Sun, the earth would be dark and too cold for life.

One thing about the Sun is that he never takes a day off. Even on a rainy day, the Sun is shining behind the clouds. The Sun’s rays shine on everyone, whether a beggar, a king, an animal, a plant, or a stone. What if we were that steadfast about shining our own light into the world every day? What would that look like in your life?

As the natural 5th house of the zodiac, Leo relates to God, children, creativity, and projects. Mantras & spiritual practice, speculation and intelligence, romance, luck and entrepreneurship are also 5th house matters. Pay attention to these are areas of life that the Sun is powering up this month in general for everyone. You will also have your own specific results depending on your own personal birth chart.

Saturn is going to be aspecting Sun & Jupiter in Leo. Saturn is a planet of perseverance, limitation, and discipline. He is currently in Scorpio, the most occult sign that is bringing energies of transformation to the world. Transformation is not always easy – sometimes it can be painful in fact. Saturn could be giving a harsher energy that compels you to transform the areas of your life that are no longer serving the highest good.

Here is a quick recap on Saturn from the AstroVed astrologers:

Saturn crushes our egos and makes us attend to the areas of life we have been ignoring. He teaches us lessons, trains us for increased responsibility and points out where we come up short. He teaches you to become closer to your higher source and be more compassionate and humble by putting you through difficulties.

It’s tough love. So make sure to do selfless service and receive Saturn’s blessings!

The Sun’s rays illuminate but also burn, so you could also experience some reorganization and purification through burning. It will be for the highest good, as the Sun wants to give you the highest intelligence and light. As Sucharita says, “Being royal is holding the Divine in you.”

To access the Sun’s blessings, chant the Gayathri Mantra – especially on Sundays. It is also very effective on any day at sunrise, sunset, or during Sun horas.





Click Here to listen to Dr. Pillai chant this important mantra for energy, enlightenment & power.


The moment when Sun enters Leo will be Monday morning, August 17th at 2:50 a.m. EDT. Because Leo is a “fixed” sign, this initiates a 9-hour period of Vishnu consciousness. Vishnupati is a sacred time where you can easily connect with Vishnu and pray for material blessings. This opportunity for wealth and happiness blessings comes once every 3 months. A powerful mantra for Vishnu to chant during Vishnupati is Om Namo Narayanaya.

Naga Chathurthi & Naga Panchami

During these 4th and 5th moons, remedies to Rahu and Ketu and remedies to remove snake curses will be immensely powerful. The time period starts at 5:44 p.m. on Monday August 17th and goes through 10:56 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19th. Learn more about Astroved rituals.

Favorable Activities

  • Honor the Sun with the Gayathri Mantra and experience high intelligence and physical vitality.
  • Embrace power, leadership, and abundance. What can you do to be the king or queen of your life today? Be royal by holding the Divine in you.
  • Be like the Sun who shines his light on everyone, whether rich or poor, animal, plant, or mineral. Practice the royal qualities of tolerance, compassion, and steadfast service to others. Do some selfless service. This will help you to gain Saturn’s blessings as well.

Enjoy the energies!

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