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pcblog post 8-11-2015 - jammed leo

It’s been a long time since the sign of the Sun, Leo, received this much attention.

For good or for worse, some planets’ rays are coming and going and we are witnessing some kind of traffic jam. To know more about this, here’s what the planets are bringing you.

Excellent energies

Jupiter is very happy to live in this friendly territory for a whole year. From here, he can expand creativity and work ethic and take you closer to great wealth and higher knowledge. Also, he is bringing you optimism regarding government, politics and your career.

Difficult energies

First, Saturn—archenemy of the Sun—has been staring at this house since last November.

This planet’s influence can probably be described as a school of hard knocks: it makes us older and wiser, but we’ll never forget how miserable we felt. Nightmares of final exams, anyone?

Medium difficulties

Additionally, Venus has been stationed in Leo. This is the feel-good planet that can be ill at easy in Leo.

Add that Venus is retrograding and acting a bit chaotically—leading to some confusion in relationships and anything regarding our creativity.

Good associations

Recently, Mercury joined the group in Leo and is now with righteous Jupiter—making our communication all about the law, government, politics and acting.

Moreover, Jupiter with the help of Mercury and Venus makes ‘Saraswati yoga’, a combination that highlights higher learning and creativity.

Yet the heavy vibes of Saturn and two malefic planets (Mars and Rahu) on either side of Leo diminish the long-term benefic results of this yoga.

So to make a long story short, use these six tips to gain more knowledge and happiness and take away only the good!

1. Chant it out

Sound is creation. Sacred sounds create good experiences and turn your mind to the cosmic Mind.  Use the following vibrational sounds to pacify and make friends with the planets in Leo:

  • OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (for the Sun)
  • OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Guru, Jupiter)
  • OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus)
  • OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury)

2. Awareness

Dr. Pillai has been teaching that when we stay alert, the planets can’t enact our bad karmic consequences. In other words, with awareness we can overcome even our bad karma. Avoid reacting automatically.

3. Improvements by fire

Fire rituals for any (or all) of the planets involved can bring you good results even when you’re under tough circumstances.

pcblog post 8-11-2015 - think positive

4. Think positively

 Quantum physics’ notion of ‘observer reality’ makes it clear that we create reality with our consciousness.

There are also plenty of studies showing how positive thoughts can help with our health and creativity. Jupiter is optimistic and inspiring. Ask for his help with his special sounds (see above).

5. Delay final decisions

Saturn likes a slow pace! When you avoid laziness and procrastination, you go with Saturn’s flow and make the best of the existing conditions.

Also, it’s better to wait until Venus goes direct in September to get a clearer picture of relationship matters.

6. Happiness in a higher cause

Both the Sun and Saturn are prone to self-sacrifice to help others. Turning your attention to a higher cause and sacrifice some of your time and money to bring relief to underprivileged fellow humans, will bring you self-esteem and good karmic points.

Enjoy the energies!

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