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the 108 names of Lord Chandra

Lord Chandra

Lord Chandra (the moon) is 2nd of the Navagraha’s, the nine celestial planets in Hinduism. He is the planet of success, luxury, beauty and prosperity. Lord Chandra has the power to influence the waters of the oceans during New Moon and Full Moon days.

If the position of Chandra is strong in a person’s horoscope, they will be imaginative, creative, fearless, emotionally balanced, and adaptable. If the Moon’s position is weak in a person’s astrological chart, they will experience anxiety, emotional instability, insecurity, restlessness, and fear.

Lord Chandra represents our deepest personal needs, basic habits, reactions, and the flow of activity and energy. Though it is common to worship Chitragupta on Chitra Pournami or Chaitra Poornima, it is also important to worship Chandra on this day. For the year 2022, Chitra Pournami is falling on 15th April. Know about Chandra, the benefits of his worship and a popular stotra used to invoke him.

Depiction of Lord Chandra

Chandra Bhagavan rides on a chariot pulled by an antelope or ten horses. His abode is known as Chandraloka. Monday is the auspicious day for Chandra. His ornaments and apparel are pale white in colour. Of the nine gems, white pearl consists of Chandra’s energy. He carries a rope and while lily flowers in his hands.

Chandra is very handsome and married the 27 stars of Daksha Prajapati. His favourite wives of those twenty-seven are Rohini and Revathi.

The Benefits of worshipping Chandra Bhagwan

Mondays are ideal to worship the Moon. The Full Moon days and New Moon days are very special for his worship.

  • Chandra bestows emotional balance
  • He blesses with mental alertness and frees from psychological problems.
  • Bestows creativity and spirit of imagination.
  • Those worshipping Chandra Bhagwan can easily access prosperity, luck, and luxury.
  • He cools mind and body and eliminates mental stress.
  • Blesses with beauty and fame.
  • He banishes darkness and brings peace.


Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali

The Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali containing the 108 names of Chandra praises and describes his attributes. If you recite these 108 names during pooja, Chandra will bestow his full blessings and also will remove any doshas.

The 108 names of Chandra

  1. Om Srimathe Namah
  2. Om Shashadharaya Namah
  3. Om Chandraya Namah
  4. Om Taaradhishaya Namah
  5. Om Nisakaraya Namah
  6. Om Sudhanidhaye Namah
  7. Om Sadaa(a)radhyaya Namah
  8. Om Satpathaye Namah
  9. Om Sadhu poojithaya Namah
  10. Om Jitendriyaya Namah
  11. Om Jagadhyonaya Namah
  12. Om Jyothishchakra pravarthakaya Namah
  13. Om Vikarthananujaya Namah
  14. Om Veraya Namah
  15. Om Visweshaya Namah
  16. Om Vidusham pathaye Namah
  17. Om Dhoshakaraya Namah
  18. Om Dhushta duraya Namah
  19. Om Pushtimathe Namah
  20. Om Shista palakaya Namah
  21. Om Ashtamurthi priyaya Namah
  22. Om Anataya Namah
  23. Om Kastadaru-kutarakaya Namah
  24. Om Swaprakashaya Namah
  25. Om Prakashathmane Namah
  26. Om Dyucharaya Namah
  27. Om Deva bhojanaya Namah
  28. Om Kaladharaya Namah
  29. Om Kalaheythave Namah
  30. Om Kamakruthe Namah
  31. Om Kamadayakaya Namah
  32. Om Mruthyu samharakaya Namah
  33. Om Amarthyaya Namah
  34. Om Nityanushtana dayakaya Namah
  35. Om Kshapakaraya Namah
  36. Om Kshina papaya Namah
  37. Om Kshyavrudhi samnvitaya Namah
  38. Om Jaivathrukaya Namah
  39. Om Sesine Namah
  40. Om Subhraya Namah
  41. Om Jayine Namah
  42. Om Jayaphala pradhaya Namah
  43. Om Sudhamayaya Namah
  44. Om Suraswamine Namah
  45. Om Bhakthanamishta dayakaya Namah
  46. Om Bhukthidaya-mukthidaya Namah
  47. Om Bhadraaya Namah
  48. Om Bhakthadaridya bhanjakaya Namah
  49. Om Samagana priyaya Namah
  50. Om Sarva-rakshakaya Namah
  51. Om Sagarodh-bhavaya Namah
  52. Om Bhayathakruthe Namah
  53. Om Bhaktigamyaya Namah
  54. Om Bhavabhanda vimochakaya Namah
  55. Om Jagathprakasha-kiranaya Namah
  56. Om Jagadhananda karanaya Namah
  57. Om Nissapathnaya Namah
  58. Om Niraharaya Namah
  59. Om Nirvikaraya Namah
  60. Om Niramayaya Namah
  61. Om Bhucha-yayacchaditaya Namah
  62. Om Bhavyaya Namah
  63. Om Bhuvanaprathipalakaya Namah
  64. Om Sakalaarthihaaraya Namah
  65. Om Sowmya-janakaya Namah
  66. Om Sadhu vanditaya Namah
  67. Om Sarwagamagnaya Namah
  68. Om Sarvagnaya Namah
  69. Om Sanakadimuni-sthuthaya Namah
  70. Om Sitachatthra dwajopethaya Namah
  71. Om Sitaamgaya Namah
  72. Om Sitabhushanaya Namah
  73. Om Swethamalyambhara-dharaya Namah
  74. Om Swethagandhanu-lepanaya Namah
  75. Om Dhasaswa-radha-samrudhaya Namah
  76. Om Dandapanaye Namah
  77. Om Dhanurdharaya Namah
  78. Om Kumdapushpojwala(a)kaaraya Namah
  79. Om Nayanabhja samudhbhavaya Namah
  80. Om Aatreya gothrajaya Namah
  81. Om Athyantha vinayaya Namah
  82. Om Priyadaayakaya Namah
  83. Om Karunarasa-sampoornaya Namah
  84. Om Karkata prabhave Namah
  85. Om Avyayaya Namah
  86. Om Chaturasrasanarudhaya Namah
  87. Om Chaturaya Namah
  88. Om Divyavahanaya Namah
  89. Om Vivaswan-mandalaagneya-vasane Namah
  90. Om Vasu-samruddhidaya Namah
  91. Om Maheswara-priyaya Namah
  92. Om Damtaya Namah
  93. Om Merugotra pradakshinaya Namah
  94. Om Grahamandala madyasthaya Namah
  95. Om Grasitaarkaaya Namah
  96. Om Grahadeepaya Namah
  97. Om Dwijarajaya Namah
  98. Om Dhyuthilakaya Namah
  99. Om Dwibhujaya Namah
  100. Om Dwija poojithaya Namah
  101. Om Audhumbaranaga-vasaya Namah
  102. Om Udaaraya Namah
  103. Om Rohini pathaye Namah
  104. Om Nityodayaya Namah
  105. Om Muni-stuthyaya Namah
  106. Om Nityanada phalapradaya Namah
  107. Om Sakalaahladana-karaya Namah
  108. Om Palasaa-samidha-priyaya Namah

Ithi Sri Chandra Ashtotthara Shatanamavali Sampoornam

Worship Moon on Chitra Pournami and receive his choicest blessings.


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