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In ancient times, there lived a sage by the name of Kola Maharishi. The sage spent many hours performing penance and entering deep meditation. There also lived a demon by the name of Mookasura who lived nearby. The demon performed penance too but unlike the sage, he wanted to grow in power and take control of the people. Kola Maharish appealed to the Goddess Parvati to protect people from this evil force.

Protection from Evil

The Goddess responded to the sage’s prayers. She silenced the demon by stopping his speech. This meant that he could no longer ask for further boons. Mookasura was enraged by this action and started to make life even more difficult for the town people. In retaliation, Goddess Parvati descended to Earth in a powerful form and killed Mookasura. Her kind intervention meant that the town folk could return to their lives of peace and joy.

The Town of Kollur

In deep appreciation, the grateful sage asked Goddess Parvati to stay in the town and make it her home. Parvati accepted this kind invitation and, from that day forward, she was known as the Goddess Mookambika. The town was later named Kollur after the sage who prayed with such devotion for help from this Universal Mother Goddess.

Knowledge is God

The Kollur Mookambika Temple is nestled deep in the heart of Kollur and is one of the most important places of pilgrimage. The Goddess is said to bless devotees with knowledge and wisdom in all its forms – not just in education, but in any kind of art, be it music, languages, dance, or poetry. Great artists flock here to bask in the rewarding and blissful energy that exudes from the temple sanctum.

The Three Forms of Mookambika

During the day, the Goddess takes on the form of Maha Kali, the Goddess of Strength and Power. At noon, she is seen as the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, and during the evening she appears as Maha Saraswathi, the Goddess of Learning and Wisdom.

Virtual Blessings from the Goddess

During Dr. Pillai’s 2019 Birthday Trip, proxy (surrogate) yantras will be taken to the Mookambika Temple. Here they will absorb the positive vibrations of the Goddess in the exact location where she killed the demon and set people free from the confines of evil and ignorance. It is said that spending just a small amount of time in this sacred place is equivalent to offering prayers in over a thousand temples. According to Hindu scriptures, the Goddess helps her devotees cut through darkness and leads them to prosperity, knowledge, and happiness. It is also said that she grants them the power to overcome all obstacles in life.


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