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Lord Shiva in white with the Shiva lingam in black and a snake with a blue cloud background and green trees

Dr. Pillai: “The upcoming Night of Shiva on March 8 is a significantly important night. The night of Shiva, which is called the Shivaratri, comes every month when the sun and the moon join together; it’s called Amavasya, the New Moon. And that great understanding of astronomical happenings because they are very connected to our body, mind, and soul. In modern terms, we can say it’s epigenetics. So, the environment affects us; even diseases like cancer are created by the environment. So, this phenomenon of epigenetics is a very fundamental concept within Indian medicine, Indian astrology, and Indian science of the mind.

The Night of Shiva

On this day on the new moon day, the Moon is not expressed. And as he is not exercising the influence or sending radiation to the earth, we have the ability to connect with the highest intelligence, and that is Shivaratri, the night of Shiva. The new moon night is very powerful for the practice of meditation, and particularly, this particular night of Shiva is very important because 2024 itself is a very important time in two ways.

One is a lot of destruction. That is the bad part of it. And the good side is, it is a great time for spiritual people. It is a great time. At the beginning of this Shivaratri, there is a possibility for liberation, liberation from birth and death, so that we don’t come back here just attracted by sense pleasures, but then we are caught up in diseases and pain and then bedridden and then die. And that’s not what this life is about. Life is about understanding who we are; who we are is just unlimited intelligence. We are God. God created human beings in His image. And that is the purpose of celebrating this Shivaratri night.

Fire Belongs to Heaven

On this night, you can experience the highest intelligence possible. And it has to be explained a little more. And I don’t know if I have time; I will do that during the program. But I will give a summary of what I’m going to do on that day. On that day, we’ll do a fire ritual and also a hydration ceremony. The fire ritual is to invoke Lord Shiva through the fire. Fire belongs to heaven. Even in Prometheus and…he is the guy who brought fire here. So, the fire always goes up. And that is the way that it is only through the fire that we can communicate with the divine. So, we invoke Shiva with mantras which I have never taught people, because it was not the time to do that, I will do it.

Shivalinga Hydration Ceremony

And then I will do the hydration ceremony, which is the water ceremony. The water ceremony is, you know, you all know that water is as important as the fire because, without water, we will all dehydrate and die, even the plants and everything will die. So the hydration ceremony is another way of connecting with the divine. So l will do a Puja to my own Shivalinga. I worship a Shivalinga which is made of special gold. So you get to watch that too. And then I will also lead a meditation on that day.

A State of Nirvana

And most importantly for this Shivaratri night, I will explain to you how the liberated soul reaches heaven. You have all seen movies where Jesus was talking to the disciples after his resurrection and then he will start to ascend and go into the sky. So where was he going? He is going to the Father. He is going to heaven and preparing a place for you, and that is simply not a belief system, but that is the truth. We all belong to the Father’s place which is heaven.

And I want to say something which I just remember. Many years ago, about 15, 20 years ago, I was teaching a course, fifteen years maybe, in Sedona. Mother Teresa was there talking about a dream of hers to the prince of Greece; she was staying with him. And that was published in The Sedona Times or Phoenix Times whatever the newspaper was. And Mother Teresa was not allowed in the dream to go into heaven. And she demanded why. “I have done all charity work with people suffering from terrible diseases like leprosy, and I’m not allowed?” Yes, you are not allowed. Why? “Because these people here are party, they are party animals inside, and you don’t have a consciousness that matches with it.”

This is the true story of Mother Teresa. And her Heaven is being with the poor people on the Earth plane. She will be very happy there.

Your Real Self

The heaven of Shiva is called Kailash. And what is that heaven like? That heaven is like experiencing intense bliss through the experience of having no desire, having no fulfillment; it is completely, a state of nirvana, nothing exists. You don’t exist, and your body doesn’t exist, nothing exists. And that experience is just complete liberation from the body, mind, desire, and fulfillment of desire, everything is gone. And then what you are is you are everything, and you are nothing. And that is your real self.

So do we go to that place? Yes, that’s what I’m going to teach because I’m very happy to do that. Because this is the first time again, I’m teaching of an experience of a ninth-century saint. He was sent here because he previously belonged to Shiva’s Kailash. But he was sent here because he fell in love with two women and that was a degraded experience in heaven. So Shiva said “Go to earth plane. There you have plenty of opportunity to fulfill desires.” And then he comes here. And then after that, he feels so bad, that he wants to go back. So at the age of 18, “I’m done with everything, I just want to go.” And Shiva sends him a white elephant. And he rides on the white elephant and goes there.

Non-existence Can Be Experienced in the Body Too

And I’ll give you a detailed exposition of what he is all about because he says as he is going to heaven, you guys can also do that. “There is heaven and I’m just going.” And then he writes a note for all the people who are devotees of Shiva that you can also go. So I’m going to talk about it because that is a very appropriate night for me to talk about liberation and we all belong to a place of complete evolution. There is no more that is out there after, once you reach that state of completion. And that is heaven. And that is a place. And then what do people do there? They are non-existent. And that kind of a state is heaven too, and that can be experienced even while we are in the body. And he will go into a trans.

Don’t Miss the Night of Shiva

So I will have some sort of meditation that I will give you through which you can astrally travel. You can astrally travel too. Swami Ramalingam traveled to not only the world of Shiva but also he went to different galaxies, just within his body. So, I will combine different concepts with meditations and I will give you on that day on that night of Shiva. I look forward to my own experience, I will share with you the new teachings. So, I have taught Shivaratri many, many times, but this is going to be something that I myself have to learn about. And I am completely in tune with this astral travel, and particularly on this day, on this night of Shiva.

So, don’t miss that night because if we miss the night… especially for people like you, who have been completely blessed by Shiva and higher beings, to know about your soul, to know about your spirit, to know about meditation, not that many people can meditate or get attracted to that.

The Moon Is the Mind

People have a default mind; they cannot escape thinking about one thing, and that is about relationships.Analyze your thoughts, they are all about relationships. Relationship with whom? With your brother, sister, enemies, and friends and then you want to kill them or kiss them or whatever you want to do to them, all your thoughts, if not all, at least 99 percent of the thoughts are. And you have 35 of them in one minute. And then this will be an opportunity when the moon is absent, or exercising or sending very minimal rays of the mind. Because the moon is the mind. So the Mind principle will be less.

Emptiness and Fullness Are the Same

I’ve done some research a long time ago, if you remember, what happens during the full moon versus the new moon. It goes for a trauma center, and accidents do happen on New Moon. I don’t want to go into it. But anyway, there is a definite relationship between the astronomical phenomenon and what happens in our body and mind. And the most important thing, I’m very happy personally and for the world and for the entire universe because we as a spiritual community will have the ability to go out of this earth plane into heaven. In this case, I will teach you about Kailash, the heaven of Shiva of total, total emptiness or fullness, emptiness and fullness are the same. Okay, that’s all I’m going to do.

So I’m going to teach you about a few mantras that I have never taught people that will lead you during these fire rituals and this hydration ceremony so that you will get the benefit and I will also teach you the astral travel to Kailash, and that’s going to be what I’ll be doing on this Shivaratri night. God bless.”

Astral Travel to Shiva’s Heaven at the Dawn of the Golden Age

Dr. Pillai’s Live Initiation & Hydration Ceremony | Fire Lab | Immersion Session

“This Shivaratri is very important because this marks the threshold of the Golden Age time period. So, I want to do something very different. I will lead you to a practice of meditation, which is an astral trip to the world of Shiva, or the heaven of Shiva, called Kailash.”

– Dr. Pillai

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