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Dr. Pillai: “Astrology explains the ups and downs in life. This tumbled civilization is said to be as old as the plane itself. There is also a theory that Tamil was spoken in all the galaxies at one point in time. 

The message that I want to deliver is that the ups and downs can be attributed to the movement of the planets that govern our health, finances, relationships, and everything else.  

There Is a Relationship Between the Planets and Our Well-Being 

I have experienced it in my life on a personal basis, a 19-year period of Saturn was predicted that would ruin me, and it did. That is how I came to be interested in astrology as a great tool to fix our problems. 

It Is Important That at This Time You Can Consult Astrologers

Then you can find out what is a favorable planet and unfavorable planet.

We will find out which planets can enhance their power so that you get more benefits, and identify your favorable planets so that you can appease them so they will not harm you. This is a practical philosophy, I would say technology, and without performing these rituals, knowing astrology to know your own future is of no use. We know that it is a bad time for us or a good time for us. We do not need the planets to tell us. 

The least that you can do without any expense for you is that whenever you feel a heart sorrow that is coming out of a disease that you have for which there is no cure like cancer or relationship problems, divorce, or breakup or financial loss, you lost a job, and then the heart sorrow is so painful.

That is also due to a planet. 

You Can Find Out Through an Astrologer Which Planet Is Causing the Problem

The purpose of astrology as well as Vedic Astrology is concerned, is to fix it, and then how you fix it is just by establishing the context with the Divine. Then the divine beings are pleased with your prayers, and they will give you whatever you pray for, and that is in the form of fire rituals.” 

Time Your Success to Make 2023 a Consequential Year

Be guided by experienced astrologers through a 3-step approach that is designed to help you:

  • Understand your planets and what events are indicated in your chart.
  • Recognize and keep track of these influences.
  • Leverage positive planetary impacts and minimize negative impacts that are happening now and throughout the year. 

If you feel called to do so, you can also receive a complimentary astrology report to: 

  • Discover the most active planets in your chart.
  • Determine when to take specific action using your cosmic influences.
  • Receive your custom 2023 astrology predictions for targeted areas in your life.


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