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Dr. Pillai: “One thing that I tried many years ago, is that this rather unattractive, grotesque figure of Narasimha can help you solve problems; for example a person who is not very attractive has problems with his or her appearance. This form can help you solve that problem. 

Narasimha Can Solve Intense Problems

Narasimha is an Archetype that can be called upon anytime, not only for fixing one’s beauty, but also any intense problem. I know instances where somebody was going to have a stroke, and then felt very weak, and Narasimha’s chant did a lot of good for that person, and he confessed it to me. I have had anecdotes like this from a lot of people, and there are problems for which we find no solutions.

Narasimha is a very powerful form of Vishnu who will help you with so many things 

Narasimha can help get rid of your diseases, debts,  all kinds of problems, pain and suffering. He is a very compassionate being. I am going to give the recitation so that you can use it whenever you are confronted with some problem, for which there is no easy solution.

There are nine different forms of Narasimha 

We are going to invoke him through special prayers during this very special period of the month of Vishakh. Then we selected the birthstar Swati. These are very powerful times to invoke this particular Angel. 

Recitation for This Particular Angel

 “Ugram, Veeram, Maha Vishnum, Jwalantham, Sarvathomukam,

  Nrusimham Bheeshanam Badhram Mrutyor Mrutyum Namamyaham”                                

Use this chant whenever you are confronted with problems where there is no easy solution. If you pray to him, he will protect you. That is the meaning of this recitation. 

Astroved and Pillai Center have programs that you can sponsor to celebrate the descent of Narasimha.

The message for you is to go to Narasimha when you have an insurmountable problem, whether it is health, or debts, or any other problem. All problems will be solved by Narasimha.

God Bless.”

Invoke the Divine Protector & Great Benefactor on His Birthday Powertime

Narasimha Jayanthi celebrates the birthday powertime of Vishnu’s 4th avatar, who can destroy your enemies, eradicate evil forces and negativity, fulfill earnest wishes, and grant protection, prosperity, and overall well-being. He is the most intense and fierce of all incarnations of Vishnu and is hailed as the ‘Great Protector,’ who has the form of a Lion-Man with a lion’s face and a human-like torso.

Vishnu took the form of Narasimha on Swati star day on the 14th Waxing Moon Day of Vishakh month (April – May). He descended to the Earth plane to rescue his beloved devotee from the tyrannical King, Hiranyakashipu. Hence, Narasimha is synonymous with power and victory, and his birthday represents the triumph of good over evil.

You can invoke this fierce avatar of Vishnu on his auspicious birthday powertime which involve 13 sacred rituals to help you connect with his Divine energy to destroy illusions, ignorance, debts and internal negativities, gain relief from mental and physical problems, dispel the adverse effects of the planets, and attain success in your undertakings.


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