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Goddess Varahi

Dr. Pillai: “It is a very important day in the history of planet Earth. She is going through a very important transformation. That is preceded by a lot of happenings on this Earth plane, in terms of economic, climate, and financial challenges, all kinds of challenges are going on there. 

They are all due to what is happening in the solar system

I have great news for you. The challenges that we have been experiencing for some years and have peaked now are still going to get worse, but they are all going to be resolved beginning today. 

What is important? Why is it about today?

I will give you a few reasons why today is very important. The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are all on Pisces—the last zodiac; the next zodiac will be Aries— except for two planets, which are Mars and Saturn. 

When a combination of these planets do happen, it means something is going to happen to the world. 

What is going to happen is a providential interference of archetypal beings 

The coming down of a Divine being; different religions will name it in their own way of understanding, God, Messiah, etc. 

In my understanding, not only understanding but also experience, the being that has already entered into this Earth plane with the promise to fix problems. 

That being is called Varahi 

I am going to show you a picture of Varahi; she is a goddess with a boar face. Then, I am going to do a lot of videos down the road and all through maybe for all of 2023. 

This Goddess who is an archetype belonging to the collective human unconscious is going to interfere in human affairs, the affairs of the world with solutions. You can go and  pray to her and say that, “I have no money, I am completely broke, or my health is completely broke; there is nowhere I can get any help, and I am so depressed and there is heart sorrow, there is pain everywhere, and I do not know where to turn.” That is the time you call on her and not wait until things get worse.

You can call on her every minute, every hour, every day and ask her to intervene in your life. I chose this time to introduce her because she is available to us in maximum capacity because of the position of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

 It is a very auspicious time. I chose this time, or she chose this time, to come together and learn this secret about her. 

Varahi is going to play a key role in solving your problems 

She is compassion incarnate. She is the mother of humanity. In the seminars and workshops that I will be doing down the road, I will explain more things about it; it is just enough for now to know her, or to look at her. You can go to Varahi, her name is V-A-R-A-H-I. 

You can go online, print her picture, and keep it there. I am going to make special images of her and then make it available; that may take some time, it has to be done in India in a certain time and then energized for you so that you can use it, hold it, and feel it in your hand. 

There are postures that you can use with your fingers and hand movement. These are yogic tools by mystics to get her into your mind, body, and soul and then have a great interaction with her. 

The most important thing is to focus on your problems and then call her with a mantra 

The mantra is, VaRAHI. Varahi itself is a mantra. A mantra is the password, Va-RA-HI. There are several meanings of her, each syllable holds a tremendous amount of power and functionalities. 

One thing that you may want to keep in your mind is that Va-Ra-Hi is the one who comes and gives you boons

She is a Goddess who will respond to you like a mother and then reach out to you when you say, “I am broke, I have no physical problems for which there is no medicine,” or “I do not have money to buy the medicine,” or “I am just lonely, I do not have a relationship.” Focus on your problems and then say, ‘Va.’ 

On April 16th, which happens to be an auspicious day because that is my birth star day “Purvabhadra” and then also the Sun is in Aries, exalted, bringing the life-giver energy of the Sun, I will give you a workshop on Varahi on different ways of doing that. 

She is kind of forcing me to do all these things now. The important thing here to do is just light this lamp, first thing to do. The moment you light this lamp and invite her, first say ‘Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha,’ which is the God that I have introduced you to, the elephant-headed God who will remove the obstacles and make sure that the demons do not interfere with your prayer. 

Say ‘Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha’ and then make a prayer. Then Ganesha will get into the flame. That is the first one. Oxygen and agni, which is fire, come together. 

Once you have done the prayer for Ganesha, then you invoke Varahi. Varahi Swaha. Swaha is to invite her to give her the offering. When you do that, if you find a container, fill it with ghee or clarified butter and then they respond to this little ritual, which is a very powerful technology, and  drop the melted ghee butter into the flame. 

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Varahi Deviye Swaha


Close your eyes.


Just focus attention on your midbrain, the pineal gland, and the pituitary gland.


This is a primordial sound that will activate the brain and then facilitate the process of contacting the divine. 


Now, we are going to call on Varahi. Now, you can open your eyes and then,

Om Varahi, Va Va

‘Va Va’ is a very secretive sound to call her here. She will immediately respond to the sound ‘Va,’ Va. Come, come. It is a literal translation of the sound ‘Va’ “to come,” but it is more than that. 

Om Varahi Va Va Swaha (2x)

I have been able to compress this long mantra so that you can handle it. 

Om Varahi Va Va Swaha

Then you make an offering. You can do it yourself, also at home.

Om Varahi Va Va

 What you do is, as I said, focus on the problem. Then enter into a private, intimate conversation and open your heart, mind, and soul to the archetype, Varahi. Do it in a silent, intimate way of asking for help. No matter what, I am not able to focus my attention because there are so many problems; just focus on your money problem. She is the money Goddess. Bless me with money, with wealth. 

Om Varahi Va Va

The moment you say ‘Va Va,’ she will get into body, mind, and soul.

Om Varahi Va Va Swaha

She will respond to you in a timely manner. The timely manner does not mean you have to wait for too long; it can be instantaneous, maximum in days. 

Thank you Varahi, for reaching out to your children with great blessings, many blessings on this day when Venus is exalted. 

Mercury is in conjunction in the same house, a very favorable environment; pray on this time itself is very powerful and auspicious and that is made possible because of Varahi herself trying to reach out to you. 

I am declaring today that it is the “Era or Age of Varahi” 

The mother Goddess is going to take care of all our problems like a mother protects us. On the 16th of April, as I said, I will do a workshop. Between that, there are a lot of things that I will be doing on Varahi besides praying silently here, but I will also be talking to you. God bless.”

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Chant Goddess Varahi’s Mantra 

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