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Dr. Pillai: “This is perhaps the best knowledge that came to me that I wanted to share with you. This is practical knowledge, which can give you great success in life. All that we need to do is, as a group, commit ourselves to this, not philosophy but the way of life. 

What is that knowledge? 

It is an equation and that equation is T = O, which means thought equals object. T = O is about thought manifestation. 

Everything that is in your life is a manifestation of your thought 

Thought becomes the object. Max Plank said that, too. He said matter originates from consciousness because thought is consciousness, and matter is mass or a three-dimensional object.

All life is about manifestation or thought becoming matter 

Whether it is a house, or car, a job, or a contract, whatever we want to do in life is one thing. There is a thought that comes, and if we analyze that thought, it is all about transforming the thought into matter. That is also thought manifestation, when the thought gets manifested. Whatever we do in our life, it is all about thought manifestation. 

You have to understand the relationship between the two. If you just know how the process takes place, then you will be able to manifest that. There is only one teaching that you need to understand which I have composed into this equation T = O. 

All that you have to do is just know the process of thought becoming matter 

What are the prerequisites for that? You have to be very committed to knowing the process. I am going to teach this without any agenda, except to you my fellow beings a life of manifestation because life is all about manifestation. 

The thought becomes manifested so that you can see, feel, and touch everything 

All that you need is a complete commitment. If you think that you cannot commit, thinking, ‘I do not believe in this, I have no belief about it, I cannot commit to it, I am busy and I have no time to do that, and I am too lazy to do this,’ to say all these things, you will manifest those things. You are manifesting those thoughts. But that is how life is for most people.

This video is about becoming completely conscious. It is not possible to remain conscious all the time, but at least you can try to do this periodically.

You have to journal, write a journal of what you have found about this application of this knowledge in practical life. For instance, if you want to manifest a house, which is very mundane, you can, and it should be a committed thought. 

You have to make a commitment to think this thought and go delve deep into these thoughts 

I have only one requirement for people who want to join this program because it is something that I wanted to do for a long time because everybody can manifest. 

I am going to do a survey of the techniques that I will teach, but then I want to see how many people can commit to it. It is out of my love for humanity to manifest because to manifest everything is the purpose of life. God bless.”

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Watch Replay of Dr. Pillai Discussing Thought Manifestation

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