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Manifest with Shreem Brzee: April 2023 Powertimes

*The dates mentioned are based on North American timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world such as Asia.

April is full of special astrological energies including a rare Full Moon of Relationships (Panguni Uthiram) and a once-per-year powertime for non-depleting and ever-increasing wealth (Akshaya Tritiya). We will also have access to extra powerful energy from the Sun beginning during the Vedic New Year, which supports personal and spiritual growth and new beginnings. We will also experience monthly Moon phases and star days that support your Shreem Brzee practice with blessings of prosperity creation, karma removal, ancestral healing, obstacle destruction, renewal, and more.

Watch the April Powertimes Forecast replay here.


🌔🌘🌔 11th Moon for Wealth | April 1, 15 & 30

The 11th Moon holds the energy of Vishnu – the Lord of the Earth plane and the consort of Lakshmi. Together, the divine couple brings immense wealth, and powerful divine energy which creates wealth, health, happiness, beauty, purity and all that sustains us on the Earth plane. 

Dr. Pillai says that the image below of Vishnu or Narayana lying down is particularly important to worship and honor during the 11th Moon:

What to do on the 11th Moon

  • Chant Vishnu’s mantra, “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times
  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108 times


🌔🌘 13th Moon for Karma-Clearing | April 3 & 17 (Soma Pradosham)

It’s important to cleanse our karma on a consistent basis to get rid of negative patterns and scarcity so that the manifestations can more easily blossom. We harbor energetic imprints that keep us stuck in regenerating thought patterns, behaviors and habits, which are a manifestation of our karma.

The 13th Moon offers us a window of time to release this negative karma that no longer serves us, allowing us to progress in our endeavors.

Both of the 13th Moons this month are considered “Soma Pradosham,” which means they occur on a Monday. Mondays are ruled by the Moon, which projects energies that are conducive to removing mental anguish, emotional trouble and negativity. 

What to do on the 13th Moon

  • Chant “Brzee” or “Shreem Brzee” at the throat (where karma is stored) 108 times
  • Practice the Surrogate Spiritual Technique to release karma


🌕 Panguni Uthiram: Full Moon of Relationships | April 4

According to ancient scriptures, “Panguni Uthiram” is known as the time when Divine couples (such as Shiva and Parvati, and Rama and Sita) devote themselves to one another through marriage. 

This Full Moon of relationships is a powertime to fix our relationship karma. It offers us a vortex of energy that supports the creation, sustainment, and healing of relationships. 

The star Uttara Phalguni has a unique power to give prosperity through relationships and the Full Moon creates fulfillment. This powerful combination can create successful relationships.

Panguni Uthiram is an auspicious time for you to pray for your own relationship and ask for a more harmonious, loving and affectionate partnership.

What to do on Panguni Uthiram (Full Moon of Relationships)


🌖 Good Friday | April 7

According to Christian scripture, Jesus made a glorious return to Jerusalem on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter. It is the day that Christians observe the commemoration of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Pillai often relates the energies of Shreem Brzee to the Holy Spirit.

What to do on Good Friday

Dr. Pillai teaches that the imagery of Jesus on the cross is a karma-removal technology. He explains that you can visualize the blood of Jesus pouring from his body to help remove negative karma.


🌖🌘🌒🌔 Shreem Brzee Fridays | April 7, 14, 21 & 28

Every Friday is a powerful opportunity to connect with the Goddess and access her energy on a powerful level. Fridays are ruled by Venus, the planet of prosperity, beauty, luxury, pleasures, and material comforts. 

Each planet has a divine “overlord” who energetically dictates the day on which the planet is ruling. Lakshmi is the overlord of Venus, so her presence is highly available to us on Earth.  

To access additional Venus energy, you can perform your spiritual practices during Venus hora (hour). Venus hora on Friday is considered a double powertime, as it radiates heightened energy from Venus and Lakshmi to support your manifestations. Find the Venus horas in your local area through the free AstroVed Assistant app (under Astrology -> Hora Watch).

What to Do on Shreem Brzee Fridays

  • Chant Shreem Brzee 1,008 times
  • Offer hydration to a Shreem Brzee yantra or a statue of Lakshmi


🌖 Easter Sunday | April 9

Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus’ rebirth into his divine, resurrected body. It is celebrated as a day of newness – new life and new beginnings. It is an ideal time to connect with Jesus, receive his unconditional love and embrace the energy of his resurrection.


⭐🌖 Anuradha Star Day | April 9

Everyone has a birth star, which is the star that was aligned with the Moon at the time of your birth. And everyone was born on a star day. According to Vedic Astrology, you embody the energy and qualities of that star when you are born. 

Anuradha star is the birth star of both Goddess Lakshmi and Vishwamitra, the sage who revealed the wealth-generating sound Brzee. These two archetypes harness the energy of this star, which radiates powerful qualities of success, friendship, purity and devotion. On this day, the strong vibration and energy of Anuradha star projects onto us, providing divine support for our Shreem Brzee manifestations. 

This day offers an auspicious opportunity to honor Lakshmi and Vishwamitra and ask for their blessings of wealth and abundance, as their presence is greatly accessible to us. 

What to Do on Anuradha Star Day

  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 1,008 times
  • Chant “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times


🌖🌒 4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | April 9 & 22

The 4th Moon is facilitated by Ganesha, the elephant-headed, pot-bellied God who blesses us with the removal of obstacles in our path to success, even if we do not know they exist or they have not yet entered our path. He’s a well-loved symbol of luck, prosperity and good fortune. He is as fierce as he is fun-loving and has the power to remove negativity and destroy our enemies.

When we call upon him during this time, we can access his abundant energy that helps us move forward without restriction. Dr. Pillai teaches that Lakshmi and Ganesha are always seen together, so their dual forces can help enhance our Shreem Brzee practice.

What to do on the 4th Moon

  • Chant Ganesha’s mantra “Om Gum” 108 times
  • Offer fruits (ideally a mango or banana) to a statue or photo of Ganesha to appease him
  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108 times


🌘 Vedic New Year | April 14

Dr. Pillai refers to the Vedic New Year as the “real New Year” or the “Astrological New Year.” During this time, the Sun in Aries is exalted, radiating abundant energy onto the Earth plane. 

April 14th through Mid-May is ideal for utilizing the Sun’s power, which gives us many boons including health, leadership, energy and light. 

The Vedic New Year marks the most valuable time for: 

  • Starting new projects of all kinds
  • Clearing out emotional and physical clutter
  • Approaching spiritual and personal growth with a fresh, clear perspective

What to do on the Vedic New Year:

  • Chant “Shreem Brzee” 108 times
  • Participate in Vedic New Year rituals


🌑 New Moon | April 19

The Moon is the mind principle. As the Moon becomes invisible, this new Moon phase represents a period when the mind is less active, which offers an ideal time for meditation. Because the New Moon does not reflect sunlight at this time, its energetic impact on our mind and mental activity decreases. It’s a great time to reflect inward.

The New Moon is also one of the most auspicious opportunities to pacify and help our ancestors. They visit the Earth plane on this day more profoundly than any other day of the month. Their heightened descent allows them to be more present and reactive when we perform our prayers and offerings for their healing.

The fierce Gods and Goddesses are also more active on New Moon. They carry weapons to defend and protect us and destroy negative internal and external forces. 

What to do on the New Moon

  • Chant Shreem Brzee 1,008 times


🌒 Akshaya Tritiya | April 22

Akshaya Tritiya is a once-a-year celestial alignment when the consciousness of non-depleting, ever-lasting wealth floods the Earth plane. It is one of the most powerful times of the year to receive blessings of abundance.

It is aligned with the Third Moon and grants our consciousness the ability to connect with Lakshmi, the prosperity Goddess, and access a vortex of energy to expand our awareness and focus on ever-increasing wealth. Your behaviors, thoughts and material wealth are known to multiply on this day so it’s important to engage in positive and prosperity-creating activities and energies.

What to do on Akshaya Tritiya

  • Join Akshaya Tritiya rituals for ever-growing prosperity:

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