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New Year

Dr. Pillai: “I have a special message for the upcoming Tamil New Year, and how the Tamil New Year is going to be relevant for the entire world. It is through the movement of the Sun into Aries. That is really the beginning of the new year. The New Year is not January 1st, it should be April 14th, which is when the Sun moves into Aries. 

The real New Year is when the Sun enters Aries

The good message is the moment this Sun enters into Aries, it is going to fix a lot of things for the entire world. You will have relief coming in as early as April 14th and this will be a good new year. There will be opportunities that will come along even during this time.  

That is meant to happen, astrologically speaking, because of the movement of the Sun, in Aries because the Sun is a life-giver. 

If there is no Sun, there is no life

That is how powerful the Sun is. We have to celebrate this and then participate in the worship of the Sun and the tools that were developed. 

Sun entering into Aries is very important because the Sun is life. The Sun gives us so much joy because it is life. The Sun is not only the celestial object, the star, but also God.

We take it for granted. When the sun comes in, we do not pay any money or bill to anyone for using solar energy. It is completely free energy. I was talking to somebody who is the CEO of an energy company, and she told me that the energy from the sun is 20,000 times more than what we need. But we do not know how to access it. That is the problem. We have never understood the sun. What she was talking about is only physical energy. We can use the energy and make money to use it for material purposes. But the sun can do even better. 

Studying the Sun, or understanding Sun is a matter of understanding life energy 

There is a Sun within us, within our body, mind, and soul. They are keeping the body alive.

They are giving us intelligence. All these things are available within the body. They call it the bodies and the minds in the small sun, the sun as a God.It is very important that we are living in the age of information, science, and technology. Once they knew about the value of the sun, the Rishis told everyone that there is only one prayer that is needed and that is the prayer to the sun. 

The sun is not just only a celestial object, it is also a God 

We have not come to that level to understand that because we have groped in darkness with only 5% of the brain working. The day we are able to understand how limited we are, then we will have access to all this higher knowledge. 

Millenniums have gone by where the Earth plane has gone through degradation. Human beings have gone through biological changes and challenges, psychological hardships, greed, jealousy, anger, and have been up and down but have always persisted creating human agony.

The positioning of 5 planets in Aries (Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Rahu), according to ancient Tamil Almanac, brings relief and dramatic changes. There will be prosperity and peace across the world during this Golden Age.

Given the current scenario of extreme tension between countries all over the world, it is hard to imagine peace or prosperity yet I feel very strongly that there will be God’s interference with our world to protect the good people and destroy the evil ones.

This (Tamil) New Year may even be the beginning of the Golden Age

The prerequisite to participate in the upcoming Golden Age is to deserve God’s Grace and Love. How do you get God’s Grace? By loving God with all your heart and soul. We have a great New Year coming ahead and we have to be in a close relationship with the divine beings. We need their blessings. 

God Bless.”

Golden Age Begins: From the Current Age of Suffering to the Golden Age

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