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Dr. Pillai: “I was inspired to do a 90-day Program and then I wanted to start it on my birthday, that will be my birthday gift for the world. 

The world is now in big turmoil. The war is expanding, a large number of people are dying, and it is completely senseless but that’s the way it is. And it will have an impact on the economy as well globally. So I wanted to prepare those who follow me, how you can shield yourself from what is happening around with a positive thing that is also going to happen simultaneously and that is preparing you for the Golden Age.

The Golden Age is not for everyone because not everybody wants a Golden Age or revolution, these are all foreign concepts, but I’m going to worry about them and that’s what they are. You can go on preach, the devils, you know. And so the devils are part of the world.

Miracles Are Possible and They Are Scientific

The Middle East has been a battleground for millenniums. Why? Because the soul remembers what it wants to do. Why do I say this? Because the people who follow me and other gurus also, regardless of what religion they follow, are good souls, they know God, and they want to know God. But then the problem is science and technology and rationality. That’s why I chose the topic Science of Miracles. 

If water is converted into wine, the mind wants what’s the science behind it. Then the modern mind will be able to accept. So miracles are possible. Because it is scientific.

God Mind and Science of the Mind

By nature, the mind has a hard time to know whether you are on the right path or not. Or, whether you are spending your time properly. So, you are confused. That’s why you have so many thoughts. But then, that’s the nature of the mind. That mind can be changed through both science and Divine intervention. The science will give you an understanding of the sharpest mind. Still the mind, but the sharpest mind. And that mind is called the quantum mind. The mind which can penetrate into reality, into time, and then give you very fruitful, intelligent thoughts. So, you will learn about the quantum mind and learn about how it is different from your gross, confused mind that is involved in mind chatter. The quantum mind has fewer thoughts but fruitful thoughts.That’s one thing. That’s the science of mind which you will learn.

The other one is more interesting. And that is God intervening and then giving His gift to you. You will have God mind. And that is through prayer and devotion. Both prayer and devotion are powerful if you understand them properly and do the prayer properly. And devotion is more love; love for God. And that’s even greater than prayer. But you will get instructions on how to pray powerfully. And then also, you will be taught how to have love, devotion and, more importantly, faith.

The 90-Day Program Is Divided into Three Sections

One section is to give you the Quantum Mind. The best way to introduce the Quantum Mind is like we have a gross mind, which means, it has about 30 to 50 or 60 thoughts a minute. And if you analyze those thoughts, they are all negative thoughts or unproductive thoughts. So you have to change those thoughts, first reduce the number of thoughts and then check the quality of the thoughts and how can you do it? And this education is not available anywhere. You know, even our scientists, although they calculated the number of thoughts we have, they have not come up with any idea or the program to reduce the thoughts, number one. 

Intuition Is a Miracle

Number two, increase the quality of the thoughts. That’s why I said the Quantum Mind will do it. The Quantum Mind is very powerful. And unfortunately, quantum physics has not become part of our syllabus in schools and colleges, also they are not being used. I don’t know why, but at least it will be done or at least it will be available for people who are open to it. 

So the Quantum Mind is the most powerful mind to explain this, this program. The first 30 days program will be just to relate Einstein’s model. Einstein said that how to create from a small matter, a particle or Atom, a large amount of energy and that’s all E = MC2. And apply that to our mind. Think a few thoughts and then create a great outcome of the thoughts. And that’s one thing and I will talk about thoughts in the second module. 

Now, I want to finish up my discussion of Einstein and then Einstein also said, imagination is better than intellect. And also the final word he said was, the only valuable thing in life is intuition. And what is that intuition? It is the miraculous mind and that’s a miracle. That is not a rational happening, irrationality is transcended. And then our real nature is to be intuitive. The soul knows everything, the mind doesn’t. So I will also give you some training on intuition. And Einstein also said that he was able to discover so many things, it’s not because of his rationality but because of his intuition. Okay, that’s enough for the first module. 

A Soul Thought Is a Miraculous Thought

The second module is a little deep. It’s about your miraculous mind super thinking. Now when I say thinking and thoughts, you have to really and doing the action that follows, we always have to understand the content of a thought which is the meaning. And there is a special way of thinking that the Yogi’s use. And then that will make the thoughts, super thoughts. It will also give you a deep understanding of how doubt comes too. Not only it will give you a deep understanding of the outcome, but also it will help with the manifestation of it by narrowing down the gap between thought and manifestation. They are united and they ultimately can be related to your thoughts. And that is Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra talks about it. And there are other Yogi’s also, Siddhas talk about it. 

So I will give you a couple of techniques to accomplish within a short period to produce meaningful thoughts without ratiocination or discourse through accessing the soul energy, it’s just soul thought. A soul thought is a miraculous thought. So, that will be the second module that I will be teaching. 

Energy of the Sun

And the third one is the Sun. How the Sun affects your brain, your intuition, your intellect, and how to understand the relationship between your soul and the Sun and life itself, because the Sun itself is life. Understanding Sun is understanding your life energy, your breathing, your thinking, everything is energy comes from the Sun. That’s why in India, the most important prayer is Gayatri, the Sun, where you pray to the Sun to awaken the stages of your mind to understand this Earth plane to understand higher planes and we cannot do that, Sun awaken can do it for us. So, I will use that and I will also use some other techniques in that module. 

Gods and Goddesses and Angels Are Not Superstitious

So, there are three modules I will teach and then there will be some of my students who will also teach, I’ll give them the training. The reason why I want to do that is, we are now going to a phase, side by side two things, devastation and opportunity. The opportunity is more for spiritual people. If you had been spiritual for so long and no miracle has happened or only a few and what can be done. Now, this is the time beginning from February 1. Anticipate in a very concrete sense, a lot of opportunities for spiritual people and I will be involved in teaching and also the bottom line or the fundamentals behind all these three modules or knowing about God, theories of God, and how to interact with him. How Gods and Goddesses and angels are not superstitious. They are within our body, so they are not statues or mythologies or faith, and beyond all this, there is also a science behind it. And that science also I will teach in all these three modules. 

That’s all I wanted to say for now. Short and sweet. And then I don’t usually promote my teachings overly as I said, you don’t have to do it, many times I said, but this time I say because I feel a responsibility that you can all change provided you take efforts and I have the responsibility to say that. And this program of 90 days will change your consciousness, your mind, and your future. God bless.”

Of all the ways to get connect with an Enlightened Master, Avatar Aarti (Offering Light to the picture of the Master or Guru) is be the simplest yet most profound.

Dr. Pillai’s 2024 Birthday Program: Science & Miracles of Manifestation

For Dr. Pillai’s Birthday this year, he will initiate you into the Science and Miracles of Manifestation. Over the course of three months, he will host monthly teachings and empowerments to activate your quantum mind and higher intelligence through devotion, faith, divine intervention, and science. He will teach you the power of emotionalizing your thoughts to mean well, which causes you to do well. In the Vedic New Year, when the Sun’s energy is rebirthed and most powerful, he will teach you to harness the power of the Sun to activate your unlimited mind and total soul power.

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