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The Significance of the New Moon 


New Moon Tarpanam


Dr. Pillai: “If you meditate at a time that is not conducive for meditation, that meditation is not going to give you results. If you want enlightenment, then you meditate on a New Moon. If you want to speak to your dead ancestors, a New Moon day is the best time to do so. All phases of the Moon are very important. This is because they each carry a certain energy, and you can easily accomplish things by following these phases of the Moon. The most important thing [during these times] is to just become conscious. If you can’t observe all of the phases of the Moon, at least observe the New Moon and the Full Moon.

Moon phase observances are secrets from the Yogis, as the Yogis are highly tuned to the planets and the phases of the Moon and Stars.


Benefits Of The New Moon

The New Moon is ideal for removing your old karma during every hour on this day.

Heaven on Earth is not going to happen until everybody is happy, until everybody is freed of their financial problems, their health problems, their relationship problems. All of these have to be removed. During a New Moon, it is very, very, vital.

You can erase your existing bad karma on this day, because the New Moon is very powerful. Go into the ocean on a New Moon day, as the ocean water will suck [out] all of your karma. It will purify you.

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. On this day, we have an opportunity to let go of things which no longer serve us and make room for new things to come.” 


Ritual To Perform On New Moon Day: Tarpanam

New Moons are for going within. They are also optimal times for dissolving ancestral karma by making offerings called Tarpanam.

“The New Moon is the time for connecting with the archetypes of Gods and Angels that give you transcendence as a samadhi experience. It can also be something that can take you out of the mind and give you a divine experience… favorable for the mind to grow into a quiet state.” – Dr. Pillai

The New Moon is a time when your ancestors are more willing and able to cross over to other realms, and you can help liberate them on this day. They will then return the favor by removing obstacles and helping you succeed in life.

“On a practical level, I have found this immensely helpful to heal your health, relationship, and money problems. All these things get better once you do a ritual called Tarpanam. Tarpanam means offering food to these souls. This might seem very naïve, but then we have to evaluate it only by results produced by this practice. I have not known any particular ritual or meditation to be so powerful as this offering.” – Dr. Pillai


How To Do Tarpanam Offerings At Home To Dissolve Ancestral Karma

You will need: raw rice or white rice flour, black sesame seeds, dharba grass, a coin (dime, nickel, quarter, or gold coin), and a glass of water.

  1. Hold a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, rice, a coin, and a couple pieces of dharba grass in your right hand.
  2. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the mixture.
  3. As you do this, starting with your maternal ancestors, say: “I invite you to take this offering. Six generations of maternal ancestors. Take this energy. Be healed. Be at peace. Cross into the light, and please remember to bless me.” You can name specific ancestors. As you get more comfortable with this, you can increase the number of generations to 12 or more.
  4. Pour the rest of the water on the mixture in your right hand. Let the mixture rinse off. This can be done over a tub or sink.
  5. Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors and give them thanks.
  6. Repeat the same process for your father’s side of the family.


What To Do On a New Moon Day

  • Meditate. Select whichever technique you like best. For something guided, or if you have not picked a technique, you can find Dr. Pillai’s meditations on YouTube or the Pillai Center Blog.
  • Donate Food to the Hungry. New Moon days are some of the best times for donating food. Dr. Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation to offer food, brain development training, medicine, and other support for some of the world’s poorest people. Learn more about the Million Meals of HOPE program, which distributes food to those in need, in the most cost effective way.


Free Yourself From Ancestral Karma 

Join Vedic priests in a year-long Tarpanam program to invoke immediate and lasting relief for you, your children, and your ancestors. Choose from several packages and enjoy the benefits of Vedic proxy technology from home. 


Tarpanam (Ancestral Ritual) at Thila Tarpanapuri Powerspot

According to Powerspot mythology, Rama, the 7th avatar of Vishnu, offered Tarpanam at this place for his deceased father. It is believed that offering Tarpanam at this Powerspot on Akshaya Tritiya day (or having it offered on your behalf) can help you get rid of lack of money with the blessings of your ancestors.

Participate in Tarpanam on Akshaya Tritiya 



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