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Maha Meru: Goddess Lalita’s Celestial Abode


Maha Meru


Maha Meru: On Askshaya Tritiya (Royal Wealth Day) Pillai Center will perform Grand Ceremonies to Supreme Goddess Mahalakshmi. These ceremonies will invoke her grace, so they can help you:

  • gain ever-increasing abundance consciousness,
  • grant relief from lack of money and distress,
  • and absolve bad money karma that prevents you from enjoying material success.

So, to help invite the Supreme Goddess power into your life and gain her abundant blessings, our priests will perform a Pooja with Red Vermilion Powder to Maha Meru on the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya powertime.

Learn more below about the power and blessings of Maha Meru as described in sacred texts, so you can benefit from them.


Maha Meru: Celestial Abode of Supreme Goddess Lalita 

Maha Meru is a three-dimensional representation of the Sri Chakra, the cosmic symbol of Goddess Shakti. As a result, it is said to create, nourish, and preserve the universe as the source of unlimited power and infinite knowledge. It is a mystical diagram that comprises of nine interlocking triangles surrounding the central point (Bindu). 

According to sacred texts, all Divine beings manifested from this great seat of power, and the Supreme Goddess herself resides in the form of Shri Vidya at the top of the Meru along with her consort, Shiva.


Concentrated Energy Source of a Million Goddesses 

The conical shape of Maha Meru resembles a pyramid with 9 subdivisions called “Nava Avarnam.” Therefore, it is believed worshiping Maha Meru with sacred mantra chanting and Pooja (sacred offerings) can help you progress up the ‘steps’ of this Divine triangle. As a result, this can lead you toward enlightenment. 

The Meru is the concentration of a million Goddesses’ energy in one sacred form. Therefore it transmits energies that can help you gain power, peace, popularity, wellbeing, prosperity, abundance, and spiritual upliftment.  


Scriptural Blessings of Maha Meru 

According to scriptures, propitiating Maha Meru with faith and devotion can bestow the following blessings: 

  • Removes negative forces and bad karma
  • Instills positivity, determination, and will power 
  • Grants good health, happiness, and peaceful life
  • Provides Ashta Siddhis (8 Forms of Supernatural Abilities)
  • Bestows wealth, success, and prosperity
  • Eliminates obstacles hindering your progress
  • Helps dispel suffering and misfortune
  • Fulfills earnest wishes


Benefits of Worshiping the Maha Meru Sri Yantra

Wealth blessings: The Supreme Shakti energy is the force that powers the universe and manifests in all things. The Maha Meru’s shape is also said to be compatible with Goddess Lakshmi’s presence. So worshiping this yantra can help you receive her blessings to gain more wealth.

Wish fulfillment: You can add more power to your positive and genuine wishes by praying to the Meru Yantra. This is because its worship can boost positivity and help you to turn wishes into reality.

Enlightenment: Maha Meru is one of the vital figures worshiped to progress your search for enlightenment. So those who wish for enlightenment can attempt to make their spiritual quest easier with yantra worship.

Obstacle removal: Obstacles create blocks to your goals. Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari, the ultimate goddess, can destroy negativity and dark forces at their roots. So, worship of Maha Meru Yantra can free your time and energy for material and spiritual goals.

Goddess power: The Meru has several steps. These step-like designs lead to a top layer (Bindu) where the ultimate goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari resides. Nearly a million goddesses also reside in the yantra to serve the ultimate goddess. Thus, worship of the sri yantra can bring the bountiful blessing of numerous goddesses.

Environmental purification: Vastu is the Indian version of Feng Shui, the art of designing living spaces and workspaces and placing objects within them for optimal energy flow and balance. Several sacred objects spread positivity in a space, and Maha Meru Yantras are one of them.


Participate in Akshaya Tritiya Prayer Offerings for Non-Depleting Wealth

Join Pillai Center‘s exclusive Akshaya Tritiya rituals performed by our highly trained Vedic priests to invoke the blessings of wealth and abundance. 





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