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[Note: The dates in this blog for May 2022 are based on North America timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world, such as Asia.]


Mother Mary


“Mother Mary has been poorly understood within the tradition. So, I’m going to put her in the perspective of world religions which celebrate the Mother Goddess, particularly in the form of the womb. It is also an attempt to understand the power of creativity within the woman.” ~ Dr. Pillai


In some branches of the Christian tradition, May is the month of Mary. Some people give their Mary statue a crown of flowers during May and light a candle each day in May. If it is possible in your area, this is a great month to keep the purity of flowers around in your home or office space all throughout the month.

When May 2022 begins, the Sun is still in Aries where he remains until mid-May. While the Sun is in Aries, he is exalted and can activate fiery leadership abilities. Many people may feel more like a courageous warrior and pursue new ambitions. This is a favorable time to rejuvenate health with the stimulating life-affirming energies of the Sun. Some people may experience a sense of competitiveness or may have irritability or bossiness. It is a good time to be mindful in all encounters with others. During this time, it may be beneficial to help others in need.

Sunday, May 1st will be May Day. This is a day some people welcome a change in season with flowers and dancing, and many also celebrate the contributions of workers.




“Akshaya Tritiya is a very important day to develop wealth consciousness. Akshaya means non-depleting. Celebrate the prosperity energy that is coming to us from Tritiya, which is the Third Moon.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Tuesday, May 3rd is the great annual festival of Akshaya Tritiya. Akshaya Tritiya occurs on the 3rd Waxing Moon during mid-April to mid-May. The yogis discovered that during this unique time it is possible to access the consciousness that allows only growth and that disallows loss. Akshaya carries meanings of unlimited, everlasting and non-diminishing. Tritiya refers to the 3rd Moon phase. Activities done on Akshaya Tritiya have a multiplied effect. Many people purchase gold on Akshaya Tritiya to attract continued prosperity. If you do buy gold on Akshaya Tritiya, make a prayer that you gather gold and grow your wealth and always keep wealth. It is considered an excellent day to start a new venture.

Akshaya Tritiya is also a day to meditate on the concept of Non-Declining Wealth and allow this principle to sink deep into your consciousness. Visualize the light of the Sun and the Moon changing your brain energies to accept and retain the idea that going forward your finances will remain stable and only improve. It is also a powerful day to do deeds of charity and to think very positive thoughts so that the blessings from those come back to you multiplied as well.

Wednesday, May 4th is a 4th Waxing Moon phase and a great day to invoke Ganesha to remove obstacles with some Coconut Breaking and a simple chant such as OM GUM GANESHAYA NAMAHA. For much of the day, the Moon will be in Mrigasira star, a star of spiritual enlightenment. We can ask Ganesha to bless us with renewing our aspirations for spiritual transformation and deepening our receptivity to enlightened teachings.

Friday, May 6th is a 6th Waxing Moon. Muruga, a warrior/healer archetype, rules the 6th Waxing Moon. This is an especially effective day to pray to Muruga for protection from enemies, rivals, and evil-eye as well as for help to maintain good health. Dr. Pillai has said, “If you have the blessings of Muruga, you will get into miracles instantaneously.” Quantum sounds to invoke Muruga are OM MURUGAYA NAMAHA.

Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day. Dr. Pillai has said, “If you want to experience miracles in your life, you should re-establish your bond with your mother. No matter what your attitude to your living or deceased mother, the Mother’s Soul deeply loves you and cares for you.”

Tuesday, May 10th Mercury becomes retrograde in Taurus. This is a good time to make extra effort to keep communication creative and happy. This is a favorable time to take fresh enjoyment or inspiration from poetry and the arts. Some people may be inspired with new ideas for commercial success. Some people may be attracted to luxurious items and need to remain practical as to whether that fits their budget.

Wednesday, May 11th is an Ekadasi, an 11th Waxing Moon phase. All 11th Moons are an auspicious time to connect with Vishnu for wealth. During this time, Vishnu is giving access to tremendous positive energy that can transform our financial mindset. A mantra to invoke the wealth-creation aspects of Vishnu is




Friday, May 13th is a 13th Waxing Moon and a Pradosham day. Pradoshams are times when we can dissolve negative karmas through the compassion of the divine. The Moon will be in Chitra, a star ruled by Mars, and a star of learning and enlightenment. This is a favorable time to pray to dissolve all negative self-talk and to become more rooted in kindness in our own self-descriptions. This will be an excellent day to cut limes or lemons, do karma removal chants such as THIRU NEELA KANTAM and pour milk over a lingam sometime during the hour and half before sunset.


Narasimha's May Birthday


Narasimha is a God, a space being, who can assume a form to kill negativity within and without one’s body and mind.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Saturday, May 14th will be Narasimha’s Birthday, a lion-faced form of Vishnu. His birthday (Narasimha Jayanthi) is celebrated each year on a 14th Waxing Moon phase between mid-April to mid-May.

The birthdays of all archetypes are a joyous occasion as the light and blessings of every archetype is more easily available on that day. Narasimha’s birthday is a time to appreciate and treasure the positive attributes of Narasimha.

While Vishnu is innately handsome, he incarnated in a fierce form as Narasimha to destroy negativity and ugliness within and without. Narasimha is very interested to help people become more beautiful inside and out. He can absorb our inner and outer ugliness and bless us with more beauty instead. Narasimha is known as a Great Protector. In particular, Narasimha can give protection from evil eye and the malicious acts of others. He can give us relief from the jealousy, hatred or enmity of others. He can help us recover lost assets. He can give blessings for abundant prosperity. Narasimha can annihilate negativity, particularly our negative ego. In addition, he can bless us with inner and outer beauty. Sincerely ask him for your own specific goals


May Flowers


Saturday, May 14th the Sun enters Taurus in the evening, and he will be there until mid-June. The Sun in Taurus supports stable energies for getting grounded. Taurus is an Earth energy sign, and reconnecting consciously with Earth energy helps us to become more realistic. If weather allows, some people may wish to take some barefoot walks on a sandy beach, spend some time enjoying walking on the grass, hiking on a trail, working in a garden, or potting some plants.

The Sun’s passage through Taurus lights up the topic of finance for many people.  The Sun in Taurus is a good window of opportunity to double check that we are handling our finances and material concerns with proper care and positive attitude. The Sun in Taurus can help us clean up negative thinking toward commercial success. This is an excellent period for all positive practices such as SHREEM BRZEE mantra that help us develop stability and endurance with prosperity consciousness.

The Sun in Taurus can give us reliable strength and endurance to stay the course to accomplish goals. This is also a time to appreciate the beauty of the Earth and the auspicious things of the Earth such as gold and other forms of practical prosperity. This is a favorable time to renew willingness to take good care of possessions. It is a good time to enjoy nice clothes and nice appearance.  The Sun in Taurus is an appropriate time to do beauty treatments or to get a massage.

It is also a good time to embark on health practices that will help us have greater ease with our bodies. This is a time that makes it easier to be proactive to do exercise that helps our bodies feel better.

The Sun in Taurus is also a time for pragmatic healing of relationships with family members or other partnerships. It is a time to be compassionate, to look at ways to reduce suffering of others and to be willing to release tensions or negative thoughts.

The Sun in Taurus supports family activities such as going for a walk with family members, having a picnic, planting a tree in the yard, or doing something else that connects the family to the Earth in a positive way. Some people may join with office mates for something that is progressive and cooperative, perhaps do a beach cleanup together or do some other outdoor group activity such as a sports day or office picnic.

Sunday, May 15th is the first day when the Sun will be in Taurus, a fixed sign, at sunrise, so it is celebrated as a Vishnupati day. Dr. Pillai has explained, “Vishnupati is the time that Vishnu, the archetype of wealth, gives you material boons. It happens when the Sun enters a fixed sign, four times in a year.” Dr. Pillai recommends on Vishnupati we use the mantra given earlier to invoke the wealth-creation aspects of Vishnu and ASK for increased wealth.

Sunday, May 15th is also a Full Moon. The Moon will be in Vishakha, a star of material prosperity. Every Full Moon is always a good day for some SHREEM BRZEE chanting and energizing our goals for material plane manifestation.

Tuesday, May 17th Mars enters Pisces. This period can trigger some activity related to expansion of consciousness. Some people will become very focused and renew their willpower and commitment toward moving forward with small steps toward their goals.  This consistent dedication can lead to greater completion of objectives.

Wednesday, May 18th is a 4th Waning Moon phase and a great day to invoke Ganesha to remove obstacles with some Coconut Breaking and a simple chant such as OM GUM GANESHAYA NAMAHA.

Friday, May 20th is a 6th Waning Moon phase and a good day to invoke Muruga for protection and blessings with a simple chant such as OM MURUGAYA NAMAHA.

Monday, May 23rd Venus enters Aries. This period can bring about fiery love. Some people may find themselves at odds with their partners. It is a good period to enjoy some refreshing activities with the arts or entertainment.

Wednesday, May 25th will be an Ekadasi, an 11th Waning Moon phase. All 11th Moons are an auspicious time to connect with Vishnu for wealth. Ekasdasi is a very good time to remain open and alert and to ask for financial blessings and abundance. We can use the wealth-creation mantra given earlier.


Jesus Ascension


Thursday, May 26th is the annual celebration of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven in a light body. Dr. Pillai has confirmed Christ physically departed from Earth by rising into Heaven in a light body. According to the New Testament narrative, the Ascension occurred on the fortieth day, counting from the resurrection of Jesus. ARUT PERUM JYOTI are sounds to connect with light body energy, and of course, the name of Jesus is itself a mantra.

Friday, May 27th will be a 13th Waning Moon. All Pradoshams are a time when we can dissolve negative karmas through the compassion of the divine. This can be an extra strong day to cut limes or lemons, do karma removal chants such as THIRU NEELA KANTAM and pour milk over a lingam sometime during the hour and a half period before sunset in our local area.


New Moon Tarpanam


“Do this Tarpanam religiously every day. It does work, and it works better than any other practices. You will have miracles.” ~ Dr. Pillai


Sunday, May 29th is a New Moon. Every New Moon is a good time to remember our ancestors and to do prayers to help them move into higher planes of light.  Dr. Pillai has explained we have spiritual genes, not just physical genes, which we inherit from our ancestors. Genes are the blueprint of our life, and Dr. Pillai has said: “Changing our genes is of utmost importance for all of us to have a new life. How do we change our genes? By changing the consciousness that backs it up. Where does this consciousness come from? From our ancestors on both parents’ side. Our ancestors gave us this consciousness, and this consciousness is behind our genes. These dead ancestors remaining only in their disembodied consciousness can help us. As consciousness, they can interact with the consciousness of our genes. This is what is being done in the ritual called Tarpanam. Tarpanam is a feeding ceremony for the souls of the ancestors. These souls visit their descendants in the body for help. Their souls need to be fed in order to move them up into higher planes of light.” Participating in Tarpanam rituals during daylight hours in local area during a New Moon can exponentially increase blessings from our ancestors and accelerate positive transformation of our own spiritual DNA.

Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day in the USA, and many communities and families will pause and remember those who have served to give protection to others. There will be services to remember and appreciate those who dedicated their lives with a warrior spirit, and those who fell in battle.

You are warmly invited to many FREE events listed in the Pillai Center Events calendar.


Swamini Valli May Powertimes Blog

Swamini Valli Wells is a Pillai Center Teacher who hosts free weekly Atomic Dreaming calls. She is also an AstroVed Astrologer who does Live Astrologer Consultations for the USD version of AstroVed, Dr. Pillai’s astrology site. She also hosts a weekly livestream of Prayers to Mother Mary for Peace on Religion of Religions channel on YouTube




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