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Vishwamitra was a king with a big heart. He wanted everyone to live a life of great wealth. One day while out hunting, he came across a wish- fulfilling cow. The sacred cow belonged to Sage Vasishta. Vishwamitra knew that the cow would make his people wealthy. He offered to purchase it, but the sage told Vishwamitra that the cow was not for sale as it had been given to him by Lord Shiva after many years of penance.

Vishwamitra was not happy with this refusal and sent forth an army to take the cow by force. The animal kicked ferociously and flew high into the air, releasing an army of soldiers who reigned upon the King’s army and killed them. Vishwamitra then decided to fight Vasishta single-handedly. With bow in hand, he propelled arrows at the sage. Lord Shiva intervened and protected Sage Vasistha by turning the arrows into flower garlands which fell at his feet.


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Vishwamitra’s Gift to You

Defeated and humiliated, Vishwamitra knew that he had little power. From that moment on, he sought spiritual enlightenment and passed the title of King onto his son. He began taking intense austerities which lasted over 1,500 years. After conquering anger, greed, attachment, lust, arrogance, and jealousy. Vishwamitra was blessed with sainthood. Shortly thereafter, the mystical sounds of the Gayathri mantra were revealed to him. Later, the Brzee mantra, which—when recited with complete devotion—has the capacity to remove all forms of scarcity. The former King had become a perfect being, one who was able to manipulate matter and transcend space and time. Vishwamitra gave us the tools for abundance. His very name means “Friend of the World.”

Resonate with Wealth and Abundance

During the 2019 Birthday Trip, proxy Yantras will be transported to Vijayapathi. The Sanskrit term ‘Vijaya’ actually means victory and ‘pathi’ means place. In this humble temple, the vibrations of overwhelming love, power, and compassion will resonate throughout. This powerful sage is waiting for you to attain the blessings of his kind and open heart and thus achieve absolute victory in all of your endeavours.


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