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Dr. Pillai describes what makes or breaks a sacred space…

sacred space

“Pilgrimage centers are often situated at sacred spots or sacred spaces. People have always been able to intuitively know what these spaces are, and there have always been fights between different ethnic groups to get a hold of this sacred space because they think God lives there.

You know the story of Jerusalem, and the same situation you find in India also. Sacred spaces for the Hindus also have been claimed as the sacred places for Muslims. For instance, the birthplace of Rama and Krishna, who are the major Hindu Gods, has also been claimed to be the sacred space for Muslims and they built mosques there. And then the conflict has been going on forever.

So there are spaces which are very sacred, and if you are sensitive to that you will find where is that sacred space.

Not that all the temples are sacred.

I visited a few temples and I told them that there is no God in any of these temples. It’s very beautiful and architecture is fantastic but the God is missing. Then there are certain spaces where you go, the temple is very dirty and then nobody even goes there… but it’s bubbling with Divine energy.

I only recommend people to go to places that are still alive or have a living vortex, an active vortex. Maybe it was active at one point and now it is not. This is the case with many of the temple vortexes.

It’s important to go to vortexes that are alive. They are alive at certain times, and then they might become defunt, then they come back again, and thousands of years pass by in between the time they are alive and the time they become defunct.”

– Dr. Pillai

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