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This dreaded planetary move happens every two and half years. And despite astrologers’ explanations and reassurance, many still believe that Saturn equates disaster.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Saturn can either improve or destroy the areas of our lives connected with his influence—but always for our ultimate evolution and happiness.

So when Saturn moves to Scorpio on November 2nd, be ready to witness some monumental changes in your life during the following two and half years. This time can be either excellent or difficult—as Saturn is not known for his middle path. And if we believe that we were born for learning, learn we will.

In fact, while Saturn can shock us with endings or losses, he can also reward us with long-term gains and immense wisdom.

This is a time when people are advised to order a personal report of Saturn’s transit into Scorpio to discover how this planet will affect the sectors he rules in your natal chart.

But you can also learn some easy techniques to make the best of this transit and experience some of the better results of Saturn’s shift in this Mars-ruled sign.

Know this Planet.  Saturn is a slow and serious planet. When he puts a glance on a sector of your life that is not productive or righteous, he will simply terminate your difficulties or increase them to make sure that you are stronger and more capable afterwards. There is no ignoring any dysfunctional aspect of life now. Saturn will want you to transform yourself for the better. If you resist, you may experience the tougher side of this Planet.

Surrender.  Getting angry, resentful or scheming will not help you. A healthy decision to investigate ways to better your skills will bring you many lifetime benefits.

Go slowly.  As you learn to transform yourself, or change your work ethic, trust in the divine plan. Follow the hints that Saturn will no doubt put in your way—red tape and obstacles will sharpen your resolve and lead to future success.

Give up addictions.  If you have a bad habit—food, behavior or substance, Saturn will not relent his reproach. Imagine an elderly authority figure that will either nudge or threaten until you stop that harmful behavior.

Persevere in your efforts.  This is not the time to give up. Saturn may take months or years to reward you with the fruits of your labor. But when he does, you can become rich after a lifetime of financial hardship.

Call on Saturn and Hanuman.   As it happens with other Celestial Bodies and Beings, you can use some special sound waves to call on them and receive their benign interventions. Appeal to Saturn with: Om Shanecharaya Namaha 108 or 27 times. Or call on his archetypal ruler Hanuman: Om Hanumate Namaha 108 or 27 times.

Enjoy the energies!



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 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi



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