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Dr. Pillai: “Vibhuti means miracle. This is a miracle powder. Vibhuti is very dear to Shiva and also has a very special power to create miracles in your life. 

Vibhuti Is Very Powerful

Take it, put it on your forehead, and pray. Miracles will happen. Put Vibhuti on your forehead and meditate. That meditation will be very powerful. You can also put it on your throat.

Vibhuti Is the Carbonization of Thoughts

Carbon is nothing but our information bearing atoms. When its residue, the sacred ash, is applied on the third eye area of the forehead, it can bestow divine blessings on the individual.

The Sacred Custom of Vibhuti

Vibhuti can be referred to as sacred ash. It is a simple white or somewhat dull white powder-like substance that carries immense religious and spiritual significance. Applying the Vibhuti on the forehead and some other select parts of the body is a custom that is practiced by many people from very ancient times. Vibhuti has thus remained an integral part of the Hindu culture for long.


Vibhuti is deemed as a powerful tool for an individual’s spiritual advancement. This can possess, within it, strong vibrancy and remain an effective medium for transferring or transmitting energy. It can help to manage one’s energy body for a person’s ultimate internal growth and upliftment.  

In India, Vibhuti has religious connotations and is typically associated with Gods and Goddesses. It is believed to be something given out by Lord Shiva and continues to serve as an essential and integral part of this worship. The sacred ash is held as perhaps the holiest of the Prasads, that a devotee can receive from the Lord. It stands as the symbol of Shaivism and is worn or smeared on the body, by the Shaivites.  

However, it is worth recognizing that there is more significance to Vibhuti beyond the domain consisting of Gods, Goddesses, and religion.

It is only to the ash, a human body that is cremated is reduced to. Therefore, when the ash is applied to the physical frame, it reminds us about the impermanence of our existence and that someday it can be amounted to virtual nothingness.    

How to Prepare the Vibhuti

It may sound peculiar, especially to those who are unfamiliar, to know that in the olden times, the Vibhuti that was used by ascetics and the like was only the ash collected from the crematoriums. But as this is impractical in the present day, as an alternative, the Vibhuti can be made out of the cow dung. If this too is difficult, the sacred ash can be prepared out of rice husk.   

When the Vibhuti is appropriately prepared and rightly applied to the body, it can make the person more sensitive to higher aspects of nature and also highly receptive to noble thoughts and ideas. Thus, the sacred ash can make one to experience, hitherto unexperienced and sublime elements of existence.          

Where and How to Apply the Miracle Powder

Vibhuti should ideally be applied at the points of the body where some of the chakras are found.

In our physical body, power centers are called chakras. These are energy points that are subtle by nature and are not visible to the naked eye. They are spread throughout the entire body, from the foot to the crown of the head. The primary ones among these are the basic chakras, and there are seven of them. Agna Chakra, Vishuddhi Chakra, and Anahata Chakra are three among these, and the Vibhuti has to be applied to these centers for optimum, divine impact.   

Agna Chakra is located between the eyebrows, on the forehead; Vishuddhi Chakra, at the pit of the throat; and Anahata Chakra, at the midpoint of the chest. When Vibhuti is applied to the Agna Chakra, our receptivity to knowledge is enhanced, as well as our capability of receiving life itself as knowledge.

The sacred ash worn at the Vishuddhi Chakra can strengthen our energy levels and make us so influential that our very presence can influence people and circumstances. This can turn on a virtual power center. Anahata Chakra is all about the delicate aspect of love. With that, when Vibhuti is applied at this point, one becomes the embodiment of love, both emanating and attracting that tender feeling.

According to tradition, it is taken in small quantities, between the ring finger and the thumb of the right hand and applied to the points intended for it. This practice can very well be followed for the wearing of this sacred ash.

A Seemingly Simple Substance With Substantial Potential

Vibhuti is a seemingly simple substance with substantial potential, and its proper use with faith can lead a person in the path of spirituality and Godliness.  

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