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Ganesha, elephant-head God, archetype

Dr. Pillai: “I am very happy today to talk to you about some good news. The good news is the world is going to see and experience the Golden Age.

The Golden Age Is a Cyclical Time in Which the Earth Plane Goes Through Four Different and Difficult Time Frames Called Yugas

We are now, even today, not completely out of the bad Yuga. This bad time is called Kali Yuga, the age of suffering. My understanding of it has been changing quite a bit, and I am very happy that I get to reveal certain things which I want to share with you.

What is going to happen at this time? Planet Earth will dramatically change; it will become a lighter planet, the gravity will be less, and it is a renewed time of liberation for Mother Earth herself to experience a blissful time. That will be reflected on human beings as well. 

Those Who Benefit Are People Able to Relate to Energy or the Spirit Rather Than Matter

No matter what we do, we are brought back to, again and again, identity with our material existence. Except when we are sleeping, then there is no experience of matter. But then we lose consciousness altogether, and we are sleeping. 

But during the upcoming time of the Golden Age, we will start with the first God who is Ganesha.

That is why even today everything in the Hindu tradition starts with Gana. “Gana” is a being who is more intelligent for whom time does not exist, space does not exist, and is completely liberated. These beings are very helpful for human beings because they  are limited by material existence. 

I have been inspired to install and build a shrine for Ganesha, for the upcoming Ganesha’s Birthday, which is on the 18th of September. 

On Ganesha’s Birthday, I Will Teach You How You Can Experience Divine Beings and Get Beyond Your Ego, Mind, and Senses

I will start preparing you for that great event. I am very happy that I got to make it to India. I am talking to you from India. For three and a half years, I was not able to go to India at all. 

So many obstacles came and about at least 10 times I got my flight tickets but could not board the flight, but now this time, it happened so effortlessly. I am happy I am here because from here I can access this spiritual energy and transmit it to you.”

Connect With Ganesha During His Birthday Powertime and Prepare for the Golden Age

Ganesha Chaturthi is the birthday of Ganesha, which falls during the 4th Waning Moon in the Tamil month of Purattasi (Sep – Oct) and is the most important powertime in the year to welcome Ganesha into your life.

Dr. Pillai reveals that Ganesha is a specialist in removing obstacles and resolving human problems. He is the master of shortcuts and can help you accomplish the impossible with his two special powers – his ability to fast-track goals and complete tasks quickly and his super intelligence, which can swiftly resolve complex issues.

On the auspicious birthday powertime of Ganesha when his energy is available in abundance, there are 6 ways you can connect with this archetype, such as:


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