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elephant headed archetype Ganesha

Dr. Pillai: “Why are most people suffering and only very few people get to be wealthy, nearly single digit? When I was talking to Wayne Dyer he said, “Why are you talking about controversial things? People are not going to like you when you talk about the rituals of cutting lemons.”

I said, “I do not care if they like me or not. What I care about is if I can really help them to get out of their suffering and I am convinced what works is just faith.

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha (2x)

This ghee has the ability to bring Ganesha here. It is connected to the divine. But for now just accept that this drop of ghee that I am putting here will put you in touch with the Divine.

Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha (2x)

When you are chanting, you are also hearing the chant. That is very important.

Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha (2x)

Ganapataye Swaha

Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha

Make a Prayer to Ganesha to Remove Obstacles

This can also help remove ignorance from your mind, your brain, and your body so that you can access the full atman, or the soul, which is within you which is non- different from the souls of celebrities, presidents, prime ministers, and the richest men, and women of the world. You are one and you are not using that.

Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha

Gum Ganapataye Swaha

Omkara Ganapataye Swaha

Gum Ganapataye Swaha


Because I have been doing these rituals with you, I am also thankful to you as much as you are thankful to me that I have been able to honor Ganesha during this Ganesha Chaturthi. 

Ganesha can give you unlimited power, clear your human mind, and put tremendous amounts of intelligence so that you are no longer limited by the senses and  rationality but a higher wisdom signifying omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

Make a prayer to Ganesha to give you the soul’s intelligence and get out of the restricted human intelligence.

Why Ganesha Is So Important as a God of Wisdom

One of the things that I focused on, is that there is this Von Economo Neuron, in the Anterior Cingulate of the brain. That particular set of neurons is responsible for our intelligence. 

At first, it was thought that it was only in human beings, and later on they added the monkeys, dolphins, and recently the elephant. The elephant has these neurons in the Anterior Cingulate. That makes sense why Ganesha is more intelligent.

The Meaning and Significance in Ganesha and His Elephant Head

Elephants are also very intelligent beings, altruistic, and have a big hippocampus. Their memory is phenomenal. There are studies that say elephants even know arithmetic. 

If you go to a Google search and search on elephant’s intelligence, there is amazing intelligence. They even know if there is a fence, an iron fence and electricity passing through. They psychically know that there is some danger, and then they come and break this circuit by uprooting a tree, and then striking that fence with the tree. 

They are very intelligent and psychic, and this is supported by the mythology of Ganesha. The mythology of Ganesha says that he is very intelligent, and as in the story of Muruga, or Kartikeya, and Ganesha. There are so many stories of Ganesha. 

His name Ganesha is “Gana Isha.” “Ganas” are Beings like Aliens, who are very powerful and intelligent, and can do tasks that  human beings cannot do or are able to accomplish, in a very short period of time, or even instantaneously, as well. 

Ganesha is real, he is a phenomenon. He lives. He exists, and that is very important for people to understand that it is not a part of a dead mythology, but that it is part of a living tradition, and there are ways, and means of getting in touch with him.”

Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi: Birthday Powertime of Supreme Obstacle-Remover & God of Fortune, Success, & New Beginnings

Ganesha Chaturthi is the birthday of Ganesha, which falls during the 4th Waning Moon in the Tamil month of Purattasi (Sep–Oct) and is the most important powertime in the year to welcome Ganesha, Lord of Fortune, Wisdom, and New Beginnings, into your life. 

Sacred texts say that worshipping him during this time can help you invoke his blessings to enjoy prosperity and all-around success (Artha), fulfill earnest desires and attain worldly pleasures (Kama), destroy all obstacles to a successful life, and dissolve karma, sins, and afflictions and ultimately attain liberation from the birth cycle (Moksha).

According to the Ganesha tradition of worship, Ganesha manifested in many unique forms to give specific blessings to devotees. On the auspicious birthday powertime of Ganesha when his energy is available in abundance, Pillai Center will be invoking the auspicious energy of Ganesha with a special suite of Fire Labs dedicated to 5 supreme forms of Ganesha during our 3-Day grand Ganesha birthday event.

If you feel called to join, you are welcome to explore the 6 ways to connect with Ganesha during his birthday powertime. 

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