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Tarpanam, flower offering, sacred, Mahalaya Paksha

Dr. Pillai: “One thing that makes me happy about this Earth plane and particularly what I am doing here, is that I have been able to come up with a technology, the technology to change the destiny of people. To take somebody from a slum, and then make him an engineer. This is what we have done with the Tripura Foundation in cooperation with the Rotary Club and the Boy’s Town. 

What excites me is to educate people about time and destiny, and how to change it. You cannot separate time and destiny because not everybody has good times all of the time, and not everybody has bad times all of the time. 

There are fluctuations, and it is important to know how one can capitalize on the good times and also how to get all kinds of help they can get from different sources. 

There Is a ‘Gift-Giving Time’ From the Ancestors to Their Descendants Who Are Living on the Earth Plane

The ancestors who have passed from the Earth and are living in another plane are going to give abundant blessings. 

This two-week period is very critical for you, for everyone. Even the Enlightened Yogis and Rishis wait for this time which comes only once a year to get blessings from their own ancestors. This includes your ancestors from both the father’s, and mother’s side. They control your destiny.

You Do Not Simply Inherit Biological Genes, You Inherit the Souls of Your Ancestors 

I have done videos on ‘Soul Genetics.’ The thoughts that you have are their thoughts, they are your ancestor’s thoughts, you are not independent. 

There is a time slot when all of your ancestors are coming down to the Earth plane and they are staying here just in order to help you. You have to establish a reciprocal relationship. Once you do that, they are in a better place, and are not like they used to be when they were on the Earth plane. 

Now they know better, and they are coming here to give you blessings. I want you to take advantage of this time, and you may even be able to converse with them during this time. 

The Most Important Thing Is Doing Tarpanam

I have talked many times about Tarpanam, and how it can change your destiny. But because Mahalaya Paksha is a very special 14 days, it is important that you have the specialist priests to do this ceremony for you for your ancestors on your father’s side, and the mother’s side, so make use of it.” 

Mahalaya Tarpanam Rituals Dissolve Two Types of Ancestral Karma

The sacred Dharma Shastra says that if this duty (performing ancestral rituals) is carried out diligently with faith, the offerings help the souls of the past seven generations progress and move towards ‘Brahma Loka’ (Higher World).

Performing Tarpanam during Mahalaya Paksha is critical as it can dissolve two types of ancestral karma to help you witness miracles in your life.

  • Karma that prevents your ancestors from ascending to a higher plane
  • Karma that prevents you from receiving the blessings of your ancestors without any hindrance
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