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I know your life has been confusing and tense. Why? For two reasons.

First, because even a casual look at the current planetary alignments shows that your main focus has been on reducing stress, curbing huge fears and thinking of creative ways to ease your workload while improving your finances.

Second, a steady and somewhat painful influence of Saturn on both Rahu and Jupiter in Leo shows a potential for increased anxiety and reduced faith.

But don’t let all that stop you—because most of the fears caused by both Saturn and Mars in Scorpio are unfounded. You now have plenty of control on your own life and only you can decide what to make of it.

Trust your pure goals and integrity, reach out for a chance to increase your happiness levels and boost your creativity all at once.

So here for you, just so you don’t lose heart, are three super easy ways of doing your work with flair, increasing your finances and enjoying your time with others.

Love with the right people is all you need

Venus loves to love. In fact, the planet of relationships doesn’t miss a chance to make nice.

Admittedly, some people, though, are so callous that the more you forgive them, the more they try taking advantage of you.

Venus in Leo is fully aware of this.

There is now a need for self-respect and equal giving—make that “If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.”

Still, forgiveness and letting go are musts if you want happiness. So forgive and walk away from people who try to control you.

Choose your path to happinessvenusleo1

Leo is the 5th natural house of divine intelligence, children, romance, creativity, performing arts and politics.

Cinematography and photography are now favored thanks to the presence of Venus and the shadow planet Rahu—the ultimate out-of-the-box thinker.

Of course, Rahu can also generate anxiety. Being true to yourself and making integrity your priority will bring you the best results in all your creative endeavors.

Also, because creativity goes hand in hand with joy, it’s better to leave an unproductive situation if your freedom or dignity are at stake.

The equation is simple: no joy = no creativity.

Assert yourself and remove negativity

You can’t ask a planet in Leo to be humble—or you might as well ask the Sun to rise in the West.

But this is a good thing if your ultimate goals are service to a higher cause and expressing your highest potential.

Vedic astrology, also known as sidereal astrology, is based on the fixed stars—you could now literally watch four planets together in Leo. The combined energies of these planets create a scenario for excessive pride.

Of course, you should not be victimized for any reason.

So check your motives first, and then declare why you’re an expert in your field.

Again, at this time struggles for power are possible. Stand your ground only if you know your intentions are pure.

To remove negativity:

  • Recite the Venus mantra 108 times every Friday (or in the Venus hora): OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA
  • Ask Venus to bless you with creativity, beauty and success. Thank Venus.
  • Remember that Vedic astrology is all about ending suffering by shedding light and intelligence on your life. This is a great time for an in-depth astrological consultation with a professional astrologer.
  • Take advantage of the wealth of remedies suggested by the Rishis and Siddhas to pacify difficult planetary influence and solving problems.
  • Fire rituals (or Fire Labs) and other remedies to the planets—Venus, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury—can now boost your creativity and chances of success.

Stay happy and keep a positive attitude—after all, even yesterday’s enemies could some day become friends and struggles can be steppingstones to higher intelligence and spiritual growth.

Follow your soul’s loving promptings and enjoy the energies!

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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