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A picky Venus is not great news, but you can win this.

The picture in a nutshell: Venus rules sensual abandon in romantic relationships, artistic expressions and musical creations. Virgo is better defined by precision and cold, clinical analysis.

But bring into the equation Virgo’s home owner, the planet of communication and business, Mercury, now super strong in his own domain.

Fortunately, a relationship battle can now turn into an amicable working duo—whether you have in mind a health or financial plan or messy yet joyous arts and crafts get together on a Sunday afternoon.

This reversal of adverse planetary conditions is called neecha bhanga in Vedic astrology, signifying a planet likely to cause difficulties being bettered by the presence of its ruler.

So to make the best of the current planetary energies between now and September 18, here for you three easy steps to securing harmony, efficiency and enjoyment—both at work and in your love life.

1. Turn fuss into fun

Virgo doesn’t miss a thing—because it’s the sign that aims at perfection. Yet when we observe all the details in people or things, it doesn’t mean we’re seeing their essence.

Fortunately, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and inspiration, brings into Virgo hope and trust, qualities that can now save the day. In fact, Jupiter will make you optimistic about imperfections.


So you can leave behind scrutiny and embrace just good enough.

Then, you can finally relax and enjoy some R & R with your partner. And—laughing together is the best medicine of all.


2. Precise techniques give birth to masterpieces

If ignoring details is simply not you, then you can just choose your technique carefully and create an artwork worthy of Michelangelo.

Notably, all artistic geniuses were famous for their eye for details and perfect polish. Michelangelo was notorious for breaking the nose of his finished David just because the artist was unhappy with the statue’s facial expression and a certain je ne sais quoi.

After many touch ups and modifications, this Renaissance master was able to produce breathtaking beauties that still captivate us today—in an era of growing technological interests.

3. The ancient seers come to the rescue 

Don’t try to do it all alone when there are three planets in Virgo, the house of litigation, debts and health matters. The Rishis, the intuitive Vedic sages, made a plan worthy of a fastidious Virgo researcher: fire rituals to Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, sacred vibrational sound sequences and prayers to the ruling celestial beings can reduce debt, restore well-being and help you win a court case.

Sounds to pacify Venus and invoke its ruling archetype:

  • OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA for Venus, 108 times on Fridays
  • OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYE NAMAHA for Lakshmi, 27 times anytime

These mantras are believed to change your consciousness and help you conceive money miracles.

Enjoy your practice!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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