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Navaratri, the 9 Nights of the Goddess ! Dr. Pillai describes the two ways to conceive of the Goddess, the unlimited power behind all creation, expressed as Love, Grace, Compassion and everything beautiful…

Goddess Forms

“The Goddess is both a ‘Who’ and an ‘It’.

The ‘who’ is an anthropomorphic form, the Goddess has a form—several of them. That is a very important thing that people in the 21st century should know. We are comfortable with an abstract God, but not the God with a form.

She is also an ‘It’, meaning She is consciousness. She is the Feminine energy within the subconscious and collective unconscious of every human being.

Everything can be reduced to sound. Even atoms or particles have a sound basis and also have a manifest form. Apply this model to the Goddess. The Goddess can be accessed through sound as well as through a form.  Whether She is the Goddess of Education, Goddess of Intelligence, or the Goddess of Beauty…

All can be accessed through secret sounds that are special for each. These sounds are Her unmanifest


‘The Goddess’ term confuses us somewhat and does not fully state the impact, full concept, and manifestation of the Goddess. In Sanskrit for instance, She is called Chit or Shakti. Chit means super-normal consciousness, a consciousness with which you can do miracles.

Out of Chit came Chitta, which is the human mind. All of us have only the human mind consciousness, which is Chitta, whereas the Goddess has Chit, the consciousness to do anything, to know anything, and to be anywhere, anytime. You have this Chit also, but you only manifest Chitta, not Chitti. Chit is Miraculous Goddess Consciousness, and Chitta is human mind consciousness.

Miracles are not possible because we live only mind consciousness. Our mind is locked up in logic and understanding things in piece-meal; it cannot understand the whole picture. It cannot understand the future. Further, to make matters worse, it is tied to ego. The ego darkens the picture, and this is human conditioning.

The purpose of knowing and also experiencing, living the Goddess (which means moving from mind and sensory consciousness to Her super-normal consciousness) is to be able to do miracles, to become superhuman, or to become the Divine.”

– Dr. Pillai


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