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Dr. Pillai tells us why sometimes it seems like God’s not listening:

why god fails us


Why God fails us?

This is a very interesting topic because everybody goes to God—whatever God he or she is praying to—and then puts out a prayer. But then most of the time the prayer is not responded to.

Why? Because there is a lot of unclarity around the concept of God although God is being used everywhere.

In the American dollar, for instance, there is a saying: “In God we trust.” What is meant by that is often times not clear.

There is a general sense in which God is someone who is sitting up in the sky, and who is taking care of the universe. That much is commonly agreed upon. But then, to answer this question we have to really go deep into the question of Who God is or What God is.

The question can easily be answered if you look at the concept of God within the Hindu Tradition, for instance, where God is called a Deva. Deva simply means a shiny being.

He is really a being who exists and whom you cannot see because he is not flesh and blood.

We cannot see anything beyond flesh and blood. That’s why we can’t see God.

The whole idea of God is very clear. He is a shiny being and you can only see him if certain parameters are established. In the Bhagavad Gita it was clearly said: “You cannot see me so I’m going to give you Divyam Chakshus“. Divyam Chakshus is: “I’m going to give you a Divine Eye, otherwise, you cannot see God”.

Why does God fail us? It’s because first of all, we do not know who he is and how to contact him.

Blue Light Beyond Mind

I mentioned about my visit to Isa Jingu, the Goddess Amaterasu’s Shrine, and whenever I called on her, she responded to me, to my call, with ultra violet light. There is a lot of literature now on ultraviolet light being God. You have to first of all know that, and how to contact God.

In the morning I was reading Swami Ramalingam. He said, “As long as you have the mind, you cannot see God.” You cannot see God as long as you have the mind. That is true.

People do see God in their dreams, but in the dream there is no mind. You are able to see him in the dream in the absence of the mind.

So when you want to see him in daytime, then you have to have a consciousness where you transcend the mind. Then you will really be able to hold conversation with him (or her if she’s a Goddess).

We have to systematically go beyond the sense data provided by the sensory organs because sensory cognition is also a deterrent to see God.

Then there is psychological/mind cognition, and that also deters the vision of God. There is a whole line of steps that you have to follow to establish meaningful conversation with God.

Instead of going this route, what people usually do in a very superficial way is say, “You cannot see God, and God may or may not answer your prayer, that is his will.” All very unqualified, uneducated, guess work, and that has become the tradition.

From here onward we have to really understand that with the mind you are not going to see God.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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