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holiday stars

When Vedic astrologers bring up ‘the stars’ during a conversation, they aren’t talking about the planets. What they actually mean is the constellations in the 12 astrological signs, known as ‘nakshatras’—a kind of lunar mansions in which the star groups leave an energetic imprint on the transiting Moon for better or worse. And, during the holiday season we want ‘good’ more than ever. For this reason, I have provided some guidelines to connect with the stars and the Moon during the main festivities.

Can you imagine enjoying perfectly balanced emotions and knowing how to make the most of your celebrations with relatives and friends in the last week of 2014? And although activities and experiences may vary, this short guide will highlight stellar energies and help you maximize their positive aspects.

December 24

December 24th coincides with both the last day of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve. The Moon will cross Capricorn, a feminine sign of Saturn, offering an ambiance of safety and stability. This Moon will be basking in the light of Shravana, a gentle constellation ruled by the Moon and Vishnu (the archetype who preserves the entire universe).

Sravana star signifies listening with attention and compassion—and needless to say, this is a perfect energy for spending time with loved ones, learning about other cultures, traveling and religious activities.

December 25

On Christmas, the Moon will move to Aquarius (a sign concerned with social issues and history) in the early morning hours, and will reside in Dhanistha, a constellation of Mars, ruled by the eight Vasus—the solar gods of energy.

Dhanistha star brings a love of music, dance, concerts and other activities related to culture, travel, religious rituals and astrology. Perhaps some will inquire about their family members’ Moon signs and share knowledge and experiences together. Any performances of the traditional Nutcracker or Christmas carols will be a huge hit with this star’s support.

December 31

On this much-celebrated evening of New Year’s Eve and Kwanza (a seven-day holiday honoring the African-American culture), the Aries Moon will be in Krittika, a constellation ruled by the Sun and Agni, the god of sacred fire. The Pleiadian god Muruga is also associated with this star.

Krittika is a mighty energy that will grant staying power to those who will be working on this night, as well as to the millions of people worldwide attending dance or dinner parties. And, you will not run out of steam if you plan to waltz through the ballroom, or decide to run to a club after midnight. Since Krittika is a powerful energy, it’s important to exercise self-control and caution to ensure safe activities for all.

Luckily, just after midnight, the Moon will be deeply exalted in the same Krittika star, but this time in Taurus, a sensual sign of Venus. This energy will maximize desires for delicious foods, celebrations with family, luxurious environments and beautiful music.

New Year’s Day

The Moon will still be exalted in Taurus and in the constellation of Krittika on the morning of January 1st. This is a great time to rest. You can also write your resolutions for 2015 and get a clean slate for your projects and your future successes. Self-indulgence and a calm time at home are also in store when the Moon is in Taurus or after a long night out.

Wishing you a most joyous holiday season. Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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