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Why Ganesha Is Worshipped In the Beginning:

Ganesha demands that everyone should worship Him before worshiping any other god. You may think that he is a very egocentric god, but that is not true. The reason why he wants all to worship him first is that people are not as intelligent as he is. He can, through his special intelligence, know ahead of time the obstacles, and can help people avoid those obstacles because of his special intelligence, and also because of his love for humanity.

Two Qualities Of Ganesha:

The two qualities of Ganesha stand for his concern for the human race, concern for their inability to know things, and he wants to warn them, as he loves people. One quality is altruism, i.e. caring for other people, and it is Ganesha’s character. The other character is mothering, like a mother, altruism or motherly.

Elephant Cognition Wiki:

If you go and look at a Google search on the elephant cognition wiki, you will see these two characteristics, altruism and all mothering, are also found in elephants. That is the reason why Ganesha demands that people worship him first, so that he can take care of them, because he loves them. He cares for them. This is, again, not superstition. It is scientific fact.

Ganesha’s Energy Flows During This Cosmic Window Of Time 

On this day of the full moon of Ganesha, this energy does really get down to this earth plane. It was not arbitrarily chosen, but chosen on the basis of cosmic energy. This is the window time to access Ganesha.

Teach Children About Ganesha:

So, I am doing video clips so that you can share this knowledge with family and friends, particularly your children, who may be at a loss to know why one should worship this elephant-headed god.

~ Dr. Pillai


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