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Everyone Wants to Succeed

Most people don’t. They fail even when they take positive steps to bring about change. If you go to India, people will say that karma is the cause of failure. Karma is partly to blame but not entirely.

People fail because the mind is set to create mediocre thoughts. We are said to have around 35 to 50 thoughts per minute. Most of them are worthless. Successful people have the same thoughts, but they do something differently from those who continually fail.

It Is Quality That Counts, Not Quantity

To have a better lifestyle, you must have more money. To have more money, you must produce quality work. To produce quality work you must have quality thoughts. Everything boils down to the quality of our thoughts.

Limit the Amount of Thoughts You Have Per Minute

Thought management is an effective way to streamline the amount of negative thoughts you have per minute and manage time more effectively.

Carry out this simple procedure:

Keep every part of your body still—even your eyeballs. With lips tightly closed, focus on your breath. If you are alert and remain quiet, you will notice a reduction in the number of thoughts you have per minute.

We have 2 minds:

  1. The deeper mind
  2. The surface mind

The surface mind is responsible for mediocre thoughts. The deeper mind will not waste such energy; it is calm.

To reach the deeper mind we have to silence the surface mind.

I have produced a meditation for reducing the amount of negative thoughts you have per minute. In just 60 seconds the surface mind can be silenced, allowing insight to flow from the deeper part of the mind.

You cannot change the world unless you change your thoughts.”

– Dr Pillai


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