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Some formerly esoteric language is subtly entering our everyday communication. Two examples are “power spots” and “dimensional portals,” whose implications are just as mind-blowing as they are mysterious.

Have you ever dreamed of traveling out of our solar system? Or felt curiosity regarding time travel and power vortexes?

The ancient yogis of India talked extensively about other galaxies, extraterrestrials and the human brain’s dormant abilities or super powers.

They also made revelations about the transformative energy of some powerful locations on planet Earth.

The energy in those areas was said to heal disease, raise consciousness and grant telepathy and omniscience.

Also according to yogic teachings, the vibrations of these exceptional locations could transform an ordinary person into a super human.

While science is currently fascinated with technology and artificial intelligence (AI), the yogis were interested in attaining supernormal abilities and evolution through spiritual methods.

These practices were said to lead to instantaneous fulfillment of desires, spiritual enlightenment and permanent bliss.

Vedic and yogic literature further described the yogis’ exceptional achievements—flying, resuscitating the dead, changing conceptions of life expectancy by living for hundreds of years, teleportation, antigravity, materialization and more.

The yogis also revealed the existence of special areas in the Indian subcontinent that could facilitate human transformation into a super-human form.

There is some scientific evidence of these ascetics’ complete control over their bodily functions and natural phenomena such as weather.

The yogis also described benevolent extraterrestrials who had lived in South India and Sri Lanka during previous yugas—or cycles of the earth’s evolution. One such alien population was called the Pleiadians.

Intergalactic travels

For thousands of years the Tamil Siddha yogis of south India, one of the most ancient yogic traditions, focused exclusively on human evolution and the elimination of suffering on earth.

These yogis and masters affirmed that through time travel with the help of their astral bodies and by exploring other galaxies, they had learned the secret healing properties of some herbs and fruits, which they used in all their medicines.

They also learned the art of encoding these healing preparations with sound technology.

They saw, in fact, that some so-called mantras created specific vibrations that made the herbs more potent. Among the herbs they used were tulsi and eclipta alba.

Online, you can easily find the results of scientific studies on eclipta alba and tulsi proving the many beneficial properties of these plants on human physiology.

But the Siddhas also talked extensively of the greater effects of these two herbs as a means to human evolution.

They said that tulsi can grant you wealth consciousness and eclipta alba improves your brain functions and intuitive faculties.




Bliss through spiritual evolution

If you wonder how is it possible to attain supernormal powers and gain access to this exceptional knowledge, you could find the answers in traditional Siddha texts, such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Dr. Pillai is a dedicated humanitarian, scholar, Tamil Siddha master, and promulgator of human evolution and ending global poverty.

Through Siddha techniques of meditation, herbs and imparting secret yogic knowledge, he teaches an ultimate path to human evolution.

For more experienced students, he offers courses on becoming a ‘human angel’, enhancing compassion and overall intelligence and learning Siddha techniques to transform the human body into a light body.

Some notions of the light body can be found in many of the world’s wisdom traditions—Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.

Dr. Pillai says that intelligence and light go hand in hand.

So he believes that by adding more light to your energetic body and brain, through meditation and lifestyle, you can reach the ultimate state of a super human—a gift from spiritual practices leading to eternal bliss and eternal life.

Awakening dormant brain areas

During his India Birthday Trip retreats, Dr. Pillai has spent much time showing how to awaken supernormal capacities, giving experiences to the participants through intensive meditation sessions and power-spot visits.

So it seems that awakening the unused brain happens through a multilevel approach.

  • By removing bad karma
  • By energy transmission
  • By taking Siddha herbs
  • By visiting highly powerful sites and temples
  • By learning Siddha meditation for evolution
  • By participating in life-changing fire ceremonies that act like a remote control for your desires
  • By contacting benevolent archetypes that bring the participants miracles of healing, wealth and happiness.
  • By using sacred geometrical designs, numbers and letters inscribed on metallic plates. These same forms are said to exist even within galactic geometry and the entire universe.

Thanks to their participation in Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Trip and exclusive techniques, several neo-millionaires have given compelling testimonials of great financial windfalls.

Others swear by their improved health.

Some have found their ideal partners upon returning to their home countries.

Moreover, all the Birthday Trip participants have achieved a better lifestyle with more meaning and purpose.

I believe that whether we consider these stories anecdotal or evidence of higher powers, we can’t dismiss their exceptional results.

After all, personal experience, observation and repetition are the basis of the scientific method.

As for me, I believe nothing until I have fully experienced it. After attending four India trips with Dr. Pillai, I’m way happier, and more motivated and focused than at any other time in my life.

So is the Birthday Trip for you? It could be—especially if you’re committed to a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to stop suffering, desire recognition for the amazing being you are, want to end financial hurdles and acquire joy and bubbling energy through millennia-tested techniques, all I can say is “Go.”

You need to have your own experiences, images, sensations, mental pictures, memories and then it might finally make total sense.

You might come back with a new knowingness: “I’m not this limited, powerless, aging, unhappy, frustrated person I thought I was. I really am divine. I really have access to a realm of infinite possibilities.”

As all wisdom traditions have explained throughout the ages, you might come in touch with angels, celestial beings, benevolent, divine forces that exist just beyond the physical threshold.

They want to help humanity, says Dr. Pillai. They want you to commit to loving yourself and others, and healing this planet.

“There is a relationship between your consciousness and the Gods,” says Dr. Pillai.

“You can bring any God into existence through your own link with him or her, through your own consciousness.”

After committing to a positive shift and investing in yourself and your spiritual evolution, you can move from a life of struggle to your best possible life.

This is the promise of both the Siddhas and Dr. Pillai.

Happy travels!


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