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Cow Donation Program

'Gho Dhaanam' means donation of cow. Although there are several forms of donation, donating a cow is considered the most supreme and sacred form of donation that one can do in a lifetime. According to ancient texts, donating a cow can liberate you and your...
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After 18 years, Mars and Rahu share Venus-ruled Taurus, the sign of wealth and stability. According to Vedic astrology, this combination results in malefic effects as planets Mars and Rahu are considered inimical towards each other. This celestial combination can create negative traits such as...
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Runa Vimochana

Mars is the Planet Responsible for Your Debt Karma and Accumulation of Dues Most Effective Days for Debt Clearance Debt Removal Pradosham (Runa Vimochana Pradosham): #RunaVimochanaPradosham# CLEAR YOUR DEBTS ON TUESDAY PRADOSHAM The 13th Moon phase is called Pradosham, a karma-removing time. When Pradosham occurs...
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Cauvery Mahapushkaram 2017 | Maha Pushkaram 2017 | Mega Karma Dissolving Event 2017 Ultra-Rare Mega-Event to Wash Karma Away In the Divine River Cauvery CAUVERY MAHAPUSHKARAM 2017 Once in 144 year opportunity to participate in karma-dissolving ceremonies to attract prosperity and health through the blessings...
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Wealth Rising

wealth | RISING A 6 Month Intensive to Accelerate New Money Karma WITH NEW TEACHINGS FROM DR. PILLAI Learn Spiritual Technology to Master Wealth-Consciousness “Shreem Brzee is the sound that can change your mindset, from a limited mindset—to an unlimited mindset.  Time equals money. Everybody...
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