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mars power

Can you afford a two-month vacation and total rest on a hammock at the beach? If you are like most, the answer is no and you’re busy making a living and caring for your loved ones.

But here’s the thing: Mars, planet of energy, aggressiveness, courage, drive and action will turn debilitated and weaker in Cancer between July 30 and September 14.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer, governs the mind, sensitivity and emotional intelligence—obviously, these aren’t matters that can be successfully handled by a warrior.

So you might find that both your follow-through and desire to act fluctuate and your assertiveness lessens.

But don’t let this stop you: keep your energy and courage at work and stay disciplined at all times by following nine tips to avoid all the negative aspects of Mars in Cancer.

1. Be gentle

At their best, all planets give good results and act intelligently. Avoid lashing out at someone due to negative emotions caused by Mars in the sign of the Moon. Self-control in an argument will lead you to emotional happiness.

2. Double check heat sources

Ensure your food on the stove doesn’t burn to ashes, blow out candles and switch off burners before leaving the house.

3. Resist inactivity

Lack of physical activity can be ageing and reduce your energy levels. When the athlete Mars gets weaker, extra comfort foods and skipping your exercise are a possibility. But staying disciplined will make you much happier in the long run.

4. Boost your motivation

 Cutouts from magazines or downloaded images of your ideal house, perfectly fit people, accomplished and disciplined individuals will keep you motivated in the next six weeks, when Mars is weaker.  Better yet, write your goals and look at symbols of your dreams. Then take action.

5. Muruga and Hanuman’s help

It goes without saying that in a normal state of consciousness we lack superhuman capacities. But both Muruga and Hanuman can control Mars and eliminate his negative traits. Rituals to these two celestial beings will change your consciousness and grant you courage and stamina.

RitualOffer flowers, sweets and fruits, light incense, ghee lamps, candles to the images of Muruga and Hanuman and ask sincerely for help.

Recite their power sounds a minimum of 9 times: OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA (for Muruga), OM HANUMATE NAMAHA (for Hanuman). Thank them with devotion.

spiritual warrior

6. Spiritual warrior

What happens when you miss your meditation for a whole week? You know, the mind becomes restless and even worse it becomes harder to return to a regular routine.

To make sure this doesn’t happen and that you keep enjoying the benefits of your spiritual practice, reduce the time if you need to, but don’t miss out completely.

7. Safe swimming

You may now prefer swimming and water exercise. Just avoid swimming alone in a pool or at the beach. Take due safety measures and enjoy.

8. Avoid manipulation

Covert action to harm someone carries serious karmic consequences. Make sure you are your ethical and law-abiding self in every situation. This will always make you a winner in the long run.

9. Mars fire

While the fire of the red planet may dwindle and turn you towards emotional gratification, you can participate in Mars Fire Labs, or fire rituals, to eliminate emotional strife and setbacks. The intelligence of sacred fire will fulfill your wishes.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

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