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How to balance spiritual and material life

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life can be defined as the act of involving yourself more in spiritual pursuits. Spiritual life involved rigorous practices and routines during ancient times, but now leading a spiritual life is not very difficult.

Many think leading a spiritual life requires shunning worldly bonds and pleasures. It doesn’t essentially involve renouncing the world, but it is about being more mature and adding more substance to your life.

A person traveling in the path of spirituality will emphasize inner happiness and care less about external satisfaction. Instead, he will focus on being in complete harmony with nature.

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Material Life

Material life is when you give more priority to material pursuits. People living a worldly life believe the sole objective is to accumulate more and more materials and comforts.

A person leading a worldly life will mostly depend on material belongings to derive happiness because they think that life operates entirely on the concept of adding more wealth.

Material life is not a sin, but it is not the perfect solution. It cannot be the answer to many of your life problems.

Challenges in balancing and Material Life

Many of us tend to be confused if spiritual life is good or material life is good. For example, one might like to lead a spiritual life but might back off, thinking it is not easy to practice. Similarly, some might think material life is inferior and attracting sins and might denounce it.

Both these concepts are not good. It is not so easy for anyone to lead a spiritual life by cutting their bonds entirely with society in today’s world. At the same time, some people think the spiritual way of life has become irrelevant, and only material life is the real one; this view is also flawed.

If material life has brought so much fun and success, why is the number of suicides on the rise? Why are people more prone to stress and anxiety than before? It is because just materialism cannot bring happiness into people’s lives. There are the things that money cannot buy, and there are things worthier than money. No money can equate to the love and affection of a mother. The kindness displayed by a stranger towards you is not because of the money you possess.

Indulging too much in material life might feel thrilling and satisfying initially, but over time you will understand its shallowness.

How to balance Spiritual and Material Life

It is vital to balance your spiritual and material life to live a wholesome life. So let’s discuss some practical ways to strike a balance between the two.

  1. Contemplation: devote a small amount of time to contemplate your actions and thoughts every day. Weigh whether your activities on a particular day brought happiness to you and those around you. Try to do an honest review of your action and be open to changing yourself.
  2. Prayer: prayer is an ideal way to balance your spiritual and material life. Before commencing any activity, be it spiritual or material, do a small prayer and seek the blessings of God or the supreme power. Realize he is looking over your actions and be ready to accept the results of your actions without a grudge.
  3. Service: Involvement in some charity activity will bring about a significant change in your life and help you understand the real meaning of life. Allot some amount from your earnings, however small it may be, for charitable purposes and devote some of your time to purposeful activities.

Benefits of balancing spiritual and material life

There are innumerable benefits of balancing spiritual and material life.

  • It helps a person understand life’s realities and lead a complete life.
  • One who balances the spiritual and material life properly will be down to earth.
  • Balancing these two will give a significant level of satisfaction to a person.
  • People can understand their priorities properly by balancing their spiritual and material life.
  • Attaining balance in these two ways of life would help you gain a macro view of life.

Though spiritual life and material life are two poles apart, we can do our best to balance both and make our lives more meaningful. Just follow the above steps and try achieving a balance. Then, reach out to us for more help. Pillai Center has several teachers who could help you in this regard. You can also listen to the videos of Dr. Pillai to know the best ways to balance spiritual and material life.

Dr. Pillai is a philosopher and new-age teacher who acknowledges the importance of prospering spiritually and materially. 

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